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    I've got two gaming-related domains up for grabs! --- Registered: September 20, 2012 Expires: September 20, 2013 Registered: June 13, 2012 Expires: June 13, 2014 --- Auction ends on June 22 at 6:00 pm PST Starting bid of $7 with minimum increments of $1...
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    [Auction] Gigabit / Terabyte (dot PW)

    ====== Domains ======             gigabit (dot) PW            terabyte (dot) PW ================== Expiry date:  March 26, 2014 Registrar: (Free push to any Gandi account) Starting Bid:  $5 <- AUCTION INCLUDES BOTH DOMAINS Incriments: $1 Payment: PayPal Auction Ends: May 24...
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    Spill those stories...

    Just like the previous thread over at LET, spill the "best of's" you've had over the years from your career in the industry :)
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    Anyone try out Namecheap's dedicated line yet?

    I got an email a couple of days ago from Namecheap about their dedicated server launch.
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    [Simple] Testing Server Performance

    So you just got the setup email for the impulsive purchase you just couldn't resist. What next? ____________________________________________________________________________________________ One of the simplest ways to test network and I/O speeds is with the benchmark script! wget...
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    Kickstarter - What's the neatest startup you've put/been tempted to put money towards?

    The title says it all! Of course with Kickstarter and the various other ways to crowd fund, there are thousands of 'meh' startups/projects with the odd good one. I killed half an hour last night browsing, but I was wondering... Have any of you came across any projects that you have (or been...