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    Any VPS Recommends (Managed)

    I'm back again looking for a new host to migrate from my current host. I know the usual suspects and I am sure their performance has likely not changed (referring to Wiredtree, Knownhost, Big Scoots, etc etc) so I am of course looking for some other recommendations outside the usual suspects...
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    BuyVM(Review) awful experience

    This started all because I requested a refund and I explained why I was wanting one. I'm going to preface this by saying 1. I am well-aware that on sites like VPSboard, BuyVM is quite popular and what not so I don't expect impartial responses and I expect some negative responses but I am...
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    PhotonVPS: This kind of bugged me

    I know it may be silly to complain about but it does sort of leave a bad taste in my mouth.....I had been going back and forth the last few months with choosing Photonvps but one of my best friends has been using them for months and raves about them and he told me to go for it. So I decided I...