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    List of providers who offer DDoS protection.

    Another provider you might want to add to this already good list of DDoS protection providers is Javapipe. They have been around for some time and I used them in the past when I needed more application specific DDoS filtering for a client (they are pretty good in customizing the filtering rules...
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    DDoS Mitigation GRE Tunnel w/ BGP

    That is unless you count static ACLs as actual DDoS filtering.
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    [Xen/SSD] Anti DDoS VPS Hosting from $17/mo (New York)

    JavaPipe is a well known Java web hosting and DDoS protection provider from Utah, USA, that was founded back in 2001. Its security experts work with RioRey hardware and in-house DDoS mitigation devices to combat the most complex kinds of DDoS attacks (what is a Distributed Denial of Service...
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    List of providers who offer DDoS protection.

    I think you forgot to mention JavaPipe in your list. US based LLC, 10Gbps/2Mpps free DDoS protection included (upgradable).
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    Your predictions for the future of the VPS hosting industry?

    Cloud will replace the entire VPS industry. Only few big quality providers will survive. Smaller providers will have hard time keeping their business afloat.
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    Android watches

    Xiaomi is launching a watch this month, which will be something to look out for
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    Most popular location for VPS?

    Buffalo, new york, the best location. lots of bandwidth providers and peers makes the VPS available everywhere with lowest latency.
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    Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    nothing can beat whmcs, some providers are giving out free license for whmcs with the reseller and dedicated servers.
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    Do web host really use SSD drives?

    best way to find out the unlimited is actually unlimited is to upload a really big gigs of file to the host and see if it fails. 
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    How do you upload your files to your webserver?

    SFTP with FileZilla is the best combination and the most secure one too.
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    Should service providers be able to refuse service based on country?

    language barrier and frauds are two most important things to consider while choosing to stop doing business with certain countries. countries whose customer would hamper your actual business with the more lucrative countries should be dropped.
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    phpMyAdmin vs Adminer?

    nothing can beat phpMyAdmin in functionality. once you get a hang of it, it becomes very easy to work with.
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    Looking to change Domain Need Advice

    something like or would work. keeping a keyword like hosting in your name would help you rank better and faster on search engines.
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    How visitors can trust on your hosting business?

    Using proper english will help a lot. ;) If you're unsure about yours, better hire a copywriter. For example would surely proof-read your content for relatively low fees with good results. Also make sure the website and images/design/logo look high quality and professional.
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    DDoS Mitigation GRE Tunnel w/ BGP

    I suggest you check out They offer what you're looking for and should be able to work out a deal that's within your budget. Voxility is probably not the best if you're looking at their East Coast network (capacity is limited there and no real DDoS filtering).