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    Because Baby Goats!

    Because today could use some baby goats.
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    Critical OpenVZ/Virtuozzo Updates [CVE-2016-5696]

    * Rebase to RHEL6u8 kernel 2.6.32-642.el6 * kvm: reporting emulation failures to userspace. (CVE-2010-5313, CVE-2014-7842) * File descriptors passed over unix sockets are not properly accounted. (CVE-2013-4312) * x86: espfix not working for 32-bit KVM paravirt guests. (CVE-2014-8134) * Buffer...
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    Facts I've Learned About Trying to Quit Smoking

    a.) It sucks b.) It sucks
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    OpenVZ and inotify

    Evening all, I need to find an appropriate max_user_watches value for certain nodes I maintain.  A lot of the clients I manage ... bless them ... want some of that real-time malware protection.  Generally, it's cXs(watch), other times it's LMD (-m users).  The problem I'm facing is that a lot...
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    A Detailed Comparison of Virtualization Solutions -- Oh, and VZ7 probably won't support SimFS and re

    +1 to @Francisco for passing this along to me. A few days ago OpenVZ published this really nifty and surprisingly detailed comparison of commonly used virtualization platforms.  Prior to this. neither of us really knew if SimFS would accompany us to Virtuozzo 7 or not,, as it's currently "not...
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    A reminder about 'vzctl console'

    Just through some random Skype BSing with @Francisco I brought up the OpenVZ console and figured I'd mention it here for other providers...If you're against snooping around client containers through vzctl enter even if people know of other ways ... or if ya want to try to put an end to client...
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    QEMU/Xen Guest VM Breakout Advisory - Advisory 135 Xen Security Advisory CVE-2015-3209 / XSA-135 version 3 Heap overflow in QEMU PCNET controller, allowing guest->host escape UPDATES IN VERSION 3 ==================== Public release. ISSUE DESCRIPTION...
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    BBU vs ZMCP?

    I've recently introduced another machine into the production environment.  My preferred HDD configuration for OpenVZ has always been either 4x4TB or 4x2TB REs, with BBU.  This newest machine is for :gasp: KVM, and was provisioned with ZMM cache protection rather than BBU. TBH this is the first...
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    [OVZ] 042stab107.x kernels swap-happy?

    Just wondering if anybody else is seeing larger than average kswapd utilization on the CPU / larger than normal swap consumption on the host in the recent OpenVZ kernels (107.x/108.x)? Checking bugzilla too... occurring on two machines now that had perfectly normal utilization in prior...
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    Before updating to the latest SolusVM release...

    Copy your /usr/local/solusvm/data/config.ini and store it for reversal immediately afterwards. .....sigh. These are primary UBCs that even OpenVZ considers to be obsolete and could potentially degrade performance on mid/large sized nodes with plenty of room to breathe.
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    [vzctl] Hotfix 4.9.1

    A friend and I found a little bit o' regression in 4.9.  Examples are below.  If you're running 4.9 already you should probably update right quick.  Peace! --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- create_hardlink_dir(): fix wrong...
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    Did the GVH site just get ripped by 'GreenValueNetworks'? I saw it somewhere this morning.  Domain is a day old and an obvious rip - look at the source before clicking shit or use a QA box.  There may be crap in there somewhere. Maybe the old support guys are back with a vengeance ..or did I miss something since last...
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    Wanna try VirtKick? Here ya go.

    A few months ago, an existing client of mine hit me up for some cheap QA space as he had been invited to test an alpha release.  He thought he'd wanted to try his hand at hosting, but ended up that he got really into node.js and I guess decided to abandon that, but he really took to the node.js...
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    Virtualizor introduces support for... slabs?

    It seems like there are so many ways this whole concept could go wrong.
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    OpenVZ releases RHEL7 source code of kernel 3.10

    Just within the last 45 minutes, actually.... Mon Apr 27 03:05:29 PDT 2015 Previous message: [Announce] Kernel RHEL6 042stab106.6 (moved to stable) Messages sorted by: [ date ] [ thread ] [ subject ] [ author ] Last December we announced we are doing some steps to merge our code bases and...
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    You can run Chromium from OpenVZ now?

    What with all of OVZ's semi-recent changes (vzctl 4.9) along with the last two kernels allowing containers' access to /proc/cgroups (and other areas of the HWN) I decided fart around in QA. I set LOCAL_UID and LOCAL_GID values in my vz.conf and enabled the sysctl/postcreate scripts, spooled up...
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    [OpenVZ/Announce] vzctl 4.9

    OpenVZ project has released a new major vzctl version. Read below for more information. Everybody is advised to upgrade. Changes ======= (since 4.8) New functionality and other important changes: * vzmigrate: check CPU caps for suspended CT * suse-{add,del} support for IP mask *...
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    OpenVZ Ploop 1.13

    OpenVZ project has released a new ploop version. Read below for more information. Everybody is advised to upgrade. Changes ======= (since 1.12.2) New functionality: * snapshot-merge: add merge to new delta ability * Logging to PLOOP_LOG_FILE (if variable is defined during compilation) * ploop...
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    Even More Xen Security Advisories

    Xen is not so Zen lately.... smoke 'em if you got 'em.   Official Links:    
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    [ovz] Error in ploop_fname_cmp during CT restore, f's with other CT's?

    Earlier in the evening, I restored container 2208 per client request.  It happens to be a Ploop device. One of the few f***ing ones left in production. 2015-03-26T21:29:36-0700 : Opening delta /vz/private/2208/root.hdd/root.hdd 2015-03-26T21:29:36-0700 : Adding delta dev=/dev/ploop42417...