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  1. Jonathan

    Resolved Account Confirmation Goes To Junk Mail

    We're working on getting everything updated, spam cleaned up, etc. to make vpsBoard a cool place again :) We'll look into this too!
  2. Jonathan

    Resolved Account Confirmation Goes To Junk Mail

    Thanks for the heads up! We'll do what we can to address this.
  3. Jonathan


    KnownHost, LLC is a privately held firm that has been providing premium managed services since 2006. Let KnownHost become your web hosting partner. Our Shared Cloud Hosting is fully backed by our state of the art platform built on a full distributed storage network using enterprise grade SSD...
  4. Jonathan

    Monintor Server For outbound emails

    Are you running OpenVZ or KVM?
  5. Jonathan

    Difference between Wordpress Hosting And Web Hosting?

    WordPress hosting is targeted at the users that don't want to deal with getting WP installed and going, or even some of the basic maintenance of it (like updating stuff). Most of it (the ones that aren't marketing jargon) simply provides the customer with a WP install and admin login info, has...
  6. Jonathan

    Licensecart No Longer SolusVM Authorized Reseller

    There's quite a big conspiracy thread going on over on the Blesta forums about where he's gone.
  7. Jonathan

    vpsBoard's Future

    @MannDude wasn't seeking a buyer. We reached out to him.
  8. Jonathan

    aaPanel--simple but powerful server control panel ( beta test 2.0 ) free

    Is this open source or commercial software? What license is it distributed with?
  9. Jonathan

    Looking for hosting for new-built Joomla sites

    Have you actually used them?
  10. Jonathan

    vpsBoard's Future

    That was/is the goal, but yeah we've been pretty busy with KH duties lately. We've not forgotten vpsB though.
  11. Jonathan

    Not quite spam comments

    Keep reporting the posts and we'll keep connecting the dots and cleaning their garbage up :)
  12. Jonathan

    Looking for work

    Been telling you for years all ya gotta do is relocate :)
  13. Jonathan

    When should you use SSL?

    Kinda like having different "C class IPs" for each site, riiiight? PSA: I know there's some minor value to SSL at least with Google these days
  14. Jonathan

    No advertisements?

    No, that's PayPal being dumb. I pushed it on through for ya :)
  15. Jonathan

    No advertisements?

    Just approved yours. The ad system doesn't seem to email me so I didn't look at it... I also clarified the dimesions in the ad package itself.
  16. Jonathan

    billing portals

    We use kayako. Our integration is 100% custom.
  17. Jonathan

    Licensecart No Longer SolusVM Authorized Reseller

    Well @Licensecart is working at a bar something is definitely askew.
  18. Jonathan

    billing portals

    The ticket system in Blesta leaves much to be desired - but I feel the same way about WHMCS's ticket system. As much as I like Blesta, WHMCS's ticket system does have the edge. We use a standalone ticket system so for us it's a non-issue. KnownHost never used WHMCS - RVPS did indeed. We...
  19. Jonathan

    No advertisements?

    @coreyman there's a top banner ad spot available: It's the only one we've opened up so far.
  20. Jonathan

    Happy Brexit 1776!

    There'd be lots of pissed off hosting customers every year then :D