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    Unmanaged VPS

    Depending on latency, GNome would be a good idea if you want a desktop environment, but only if you have low latency otherwise there will be some lag.  If you just want to 'hide your ip address' then VPN would probably be the best. Something like OpenVPN.
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    Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    I like beach breaks and so for me, Australia has always been appealing. Shame I live in England so the flight is really expensive!
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    When should you use SSL?

    I would say its recommended that you use it where you can and certainly essential to use SSL where there is a transmission of sensitive/personal data (EG: login details).
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    Any VPS Recommends (Managed) is owned by HostDime.Com. I recommend HostDime highly. We use their datacenter and I've used HostDime VPS personally and they are fantastic