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  1. deanhills

    cPanel/Plesk Alternative?

    I like the Debian fork of VestaCP the most. VestaCP used to be popular until its owner started to neglect necessary maintenance and the panel became known for being a security risk, however one of the Admin of VestaCP who is administrating a number of Debian servers, decided to share his fork...
  2. deanhills

    Freenom/ free domains

    Looks like Freenom/ has made it easy again to get free domains. I've had great difficulty to get free domains from them when last trying in July, and then noticed news that the registrar was on its way out. Yet this month I was able to renew the two free domains I had instantly, and then...
  3. deanhills

    Are there still free VPS Post4Host Discussion Forums available?

    I'm just wondering whether any one knows of a free VPS Post4Host Forum that is still active? Such as which closed in 2018 and that stopped VPS in 2021? Where a person has to make X number of posts to earn a free VPS and continue making X number of posts a month to keep...
  4. deanhills

    Benefits of windows VPS hosting for your business

    Why Windows VPS and not Linux? I always wonder whether when a person chooses Windows over Linux for a VPS that the person may just have well gone for shared hosting with cPanel rather than a VPS? Isn't a Linux VPS more secure, particularly if the person who is using a Windows VPS is a beginner...
  5. deanhills | high quality VPSs for posts in return | 25 to get VPS | 20/m to keep VPS

    If you're tight for cash or can't afford to pay for a VPS, and you are able to post for hosting, why not consider posting for a VPS? Below is a list of VPSs that are available for competition on the 1st of every month. There are plenty available for now with some decent specs. How it works is...
  6. deanhills

    Plesk market share compared to cPanel

    I don't have a clue about market share, but if you have a choice of the two, why not go with the one that has the most support documentation, a great support Forum, and an excellent product that has been proven over times and times, consistently over a very long time. I've been working with...
  7. deanhills

    want to know some some specific VPS provider name.

    I've got very good experience with Interserver. They're a reliable hosting business who have been around for a number of years. I like the panel that came with my VPS at the time. Also, the ease with which one can order additional IPs if needed. There are also loads of help documents on their...
  8. deanhills

    Cheap Web Hosting Company | Best Domain Name Registration|Cheap Cloud VPS Server Hosting | Best Li

    I don't see prices :) So next I tried one of your links for checking out VPS - it's now working. What domain is this?
  9. deanhills

    Feature-packed VPS hosting accounts?

    Which location do you need for the VPS and what will the VPS used for? What price range would you be comfortable with?
  10. deanhills

    Looking for VPS account in Ukraine

    I checked out 3V hosting. Looks like high quality VPS hosting, but doesn't look as though it comes with a panel. One is reliant on the host to reload the OS every time one needs that - and they're a bit cheeky to "offer" it "free of charge" :). For me that would be a serious issue...
  11. deanhills

    Which is better - Litespeed or Nginx?

    I've got a combo of nginx and apache through VestaCP panel. It combines the best of both worlds, the lightness and speed of nginx - nginx is also very light on using resources, and the excellent file management of apache. I rarely look under the nginx dashboard though as I'm a bit lazy and...
  12. deanhills

    Most popular location for VPS?

    I always thought "popular" is how one's ISP likes the location. If there's a lack of latency and the ISP has to go through great hoops, then maybe it's not the right location. Having said that, although Europe seems to be a good location for some, I'm wondering whether the hosting business is...
  13. deanhills

    New Hetzner Cloud, pretty awesome

    I've heard excellent reports of Hetzner's clouds. Only problem for some is that Hetzner requires ID copies in order to obtain the cloud. We're not used to being asked to produce ID copies.
  14. deanhills

    VPSBoard Staff members

    I'm a new member of VPSBoard and am curious to see who the members of staff are. When I click on the staff members link in the members Window there is no response. Is it possible to provide a list or is there a special reason why a list is unavailable to registered members?