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  1. Chronic - Crazy Offer! - 100GB - 17 Locations

    Do you think we'll ever see Russia among the offered locations?
  2. Chronic

    Why is there no maximum wage

    Do you think there should be one? If so, why?
  3. Chronic

    Linux VPS cheat sheet. Linux commands for CentOS/RHEL and Ubuntu/Debian

    clear - clear the terminal display
  4. Chronic

    Falling off the Grid

    Anyone tried out Kolab? Seems like a decent solution to me.
  5. Chronic

    Dedicated server for 3 €

    The exact same thing happened to me. I ordered two and they were both canceled and the money refunded. I am also from Europe so I guess the reason is that they are in short supply. I have contacted their customer support, but I don't have high expectations.
  6. Chronic

    DotVPS - $7/mo 3G OVZ / $8/year 32MB OVZ in 4 Locations / $7/mo 1G KVM in the UK!

    It's an old test, yeah - my bad. I wasn't aware the specifications have changed since then.
  7. Chronic

    DotVPS - $7/mo 3G OVZ / $8/year 32MB OVZ in 4 Locations / $7/mo 1G KVM in the UK!

    I have one of the 3GB plans in the UK from a previous promotion and it's been nothing but stellar so far - recommended. Edit:
  8. Chronic

    How do you type?

    My method evolved from a combination of the countless hours of gaming (where I had my left hand glued to the WASD keys) and the occassional school report I wanted to push out of the way as soon as possible. My hands are spread further apart than with the home row setup at a slight angle and...
  9. Chronic

    Ubuntu Edge - Ubuntu Smartphone

    It is meant to be used as a laptop and a phone, since it features Ubuntu Desktop in convergence with Ubuntu Mobile.
  10. Chronic

    Any interest in 525GB KVM Storage?

    Oh boy, this looks yummy.
  11. Chronic

    Would anyone like to take this VPN off my hands?

    I've submitted two requests through that form (during the first week) while logged in and received no response. I'll try again. I have no doubt you're trying to provide a good service and the fact that you register here to chime in is a good sign. Nonetheless, I have no use for the VPN at the...
  12. Chronic

    Would anyone like to take this VPN off my hands?

    Despite saying I'd contact the company for a refund, I am still the less than proud owner of this service and their customer support seems to be non-existant. I've decided that I've got better things to worry about, so I'll give the VPN away for free to the first person who replies here (and...
  13. Chronic

    BlueVM shared hosting down

    I'm on their reseller plan. Hopefully they get this sorted soon.
  14. Chronic

    Indiana guys I found you a deal!

    How much do these usually go for? Knowing eBay auctions, it could pick up on the price in the last few minutes.
  15. Chronic

    How do you take your coffee?

    I can't stand coffee. If looking for something hot to drink, I prefer a nice cup of tea.
  16. Chronic

    Your new VPS is provisioned, what is the first thing you do once you connect?

    ServerBear benchmarking -> Minstall -> Start working on whatever you planned to use it for, but stop halfway -> Idle.
  17. Chronic

    [Poll] Signature Regulation (Unofficial Poll)

    Perhaps do something about referral links as well? There's nothing wrong with them, but they should be recognizable - those that are hidden behind URL shorteners are immoral and the people doing it are well aware of it. If they want a short URL then there's BBCode, but I want to know what I'm...
  18. Chronic

    Your backup/storage VPS recommendations in the EU?

    They don't have any in stock.
  19. Chronic

    Looking for alpha testers for Feathur (BlueCP)

    The panel is looking neat so far, apart from some minor quirks and some awkward design choices. I'm sure you'll iron those out by the time it's out of the testing phase. I have submitted my feedback, hopefully it's going to be of some use.