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  1. fahad

    BuyVM offloaded SQL

    Are you still using MariaDB and if so, how is it doing?
  2. fahad

    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    Inception-1 Digitalocean-1 CrissicSolution -2 XVMLabs-1
  3. fahad

    WORLD CUP 2014!

    Why do people says Soccer ? If they can't say Football then its useless to watch FIFA World Cup. There is no Soccer in FIFA.
  4. fahad

    OpenVPN autoinstaller

    I am trying it by windows ... It connects ... VPS is LES (Inception)... Problem is no webpage loads !
  5. fahad

    [Auction] Very Kewl Domains For Sale - Mostly VPS Related

    :( , I don't have NIC account .... :(
  6. fahad

    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    @Francisco , Why not Luxembarg or Finland or Romania ?
  7. fahad

    Hosting Related Domains for Sell

    @suraj4u , I have those only.
  8. fahad

    Hosting Related Domains for Sell

    I want to sell or get rid of these domains. I have bought these domains from Namecheap for starting Hosting business but i couldn't make it work. HostYourSite.BIZ (Fri 03/21/2014 - Sat 03/21/2015) Hostio.BIZ (Fri 03/21/2014 - Sat 03/21/2015) Notrace.PW (Sat 08/31/2013 - Sun 08/31/2014) I want...
  9. fahad

    Selling HotVPS.US

    Sorry SOLD
  10. fahad

    A Cool Blogging Domain

  11. fahad

    Selling HotVPS.US

  12. fahad

    Selling HotVPS.US

    I want to sell this domain from NameCheap as transfer domain via push domain.     It will be nice to sell by more than 15$ but you can offer anything you want.
  13. fahad

    A Cool Blogging Domain

    I have bought this domain from . I will push this domain to your account. I am lazy to write things in a blog site , so i want to sell it.   If you are interested in it , will be an auction. Starting price 15$.
  14. fahad

    Corgi Tech - New Years Special. VPS Nodes from $7/Month for Life

    Oh... sorry , i was not looking very clearly.... silly me. Thanks.
  15. fahad

    Corgi Tech - New Years Special. VPS Nodes from $7/Month for Life

    Sorry if i am asking silly Q :unsure: , Are those KVM ? :rolleyes:
  16. fahad

    Test your server's upload and download speed

    Script is improved ... :)