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  1. jarland

    Where do you draw the line between heavy usage and abuse?

    Relative is definitely the right word, as @Jonathan touched on. If pressed, I think I would define abuse when I answer yes to one of these points: 1. Is this impacting other customers? 2. Should it be impacting other customers? 3. Does this usage limit capacity to levels that prevent minimum...
  2. jarland

    Where is the consumer hosting market going next?

    I think the future of the consumer space is found in something that is readily available today but hasn't quite caught up to replacing the basic website/CMS yet. I'm thinking services ranging from Etsy to Squarespace. You can see the two paths I'm going down there. Services like Etsy replaces...
  3. jarland

    Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat

    Never tried to do that but seems like it wouldn't be much of a thing to do with that setup. Seems to work with IFTTT.
  4. jarland

    So who is your go to production provider?

    I can't think of one! No but really, I often ask myself the question "Would I use DO if I didn't work there?" The answer is yes, but probably not to the degree that I do. If I had a larger scale business with higher margins I think that might be different, but I operate on the mid range of costs...
  5. jarland

    Ecobee3 Lite Thermostat

    I use the ecobee 3 lite with HomeKit and Siri. Zero regrets. They updated it to work with the external sensors now too. Been using it for I guess about 6 months or so.
  6. jarland

    ishaq and budgetnode

    Sigh... None of it was lies, it's all documented and archived, and nothing I offered to host was illegal you're just a terrible armchair lawyer. All I'm going to say on the matter. You know how to reach me privately if you desire to be dismissed further.
  7. jarland

    So who is your go to production provider?

    <3 Have some time on me. I keep a healthy amount of stuff at DO and it's definitely one of the places where I set it and forget it (aside from updating, etc). Another big one for me has been OVH's SSD VPS. They're nothing fancy but they have snapshots, and I treat the servers like cattle. If I...
  8. jarland

    ishaq and budgetnode

    One post was deleted, the rest was split into another topic. All but that one post should be there. That one post is there again but I had to type it in my own reply, I had no other way to retrieve it due to vanilla not working. If I am mistaken, please PM me over there and let's talk about what...
  9. jarland

    ishaq and budgetnode

    My sincere apologies for this. I have re-posted the words that were deleted, but was not able to restore fully. I will make sure that does not happen again.
  10. jarland

    Worst experience ever on LowEndTalk

    Not reading all that. No worries, changed to permaban. I don't have time to be your therapist and I can't trust you to come back and not stir up trouble. Have a nice life.
  11. jarland

    Worst experience ever on LowEndTalk

    I mean if you really care, you're welcome to review it. Keep in mind this was used to derail a thread that was not about this topic. You can see the rage escalating. Dude just needs to calm down for a bit and stop embarrassing himself. This "God of servers", "fight" stuff is just embarrassing...
  12. jarland

    Worst experience ever on LowEndTalk

    Weird, if you rage at the admin of a forum and call them an ass you get temp banned so you can cool off a bit. Who would've thought? Seems like removing the ban today, as I had planned to do, may not be the best idea. You used to be a nice guy, something clearly snapped last night. It's cool...
  13. jarland

    Hostingcon 2016 to be held in New Orleans?

    Shall be there this year as well :)
  14. jarland

    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    That sure was kind of him to toss some fuel on the fire that created this place. It's been a little dead lately. Even I logged in to offer a "lol" at Gregory.
  15. jarland

    Is this the end of ASO/EIG?

    That "third party" thing is funny because I'm pretty sure they own Diya through a shell. Meh, not my problem. I don't know why I even perk up at the discussion. They either work toward better results or they continue to be a point of entry that creates customers (many of which weren't...
  16. jarland

    HA in Digital Ocean

    I think a lot of people look for high availability in the underlying stack, at the virtualization level. I think that's a bad thing. Creating true, reliable HA at that level is not only extremely expensive at the infrastructure level, but it also isn't a one-size-fits-all solution for every...
  17. jarland

    Private Internet Access - I endorse.

    My only fear with things like this is that this good press brings in customers that cause such problems that the service ends up getting pressured to death. I use LavaBit as my example, excellent service until the US government basically tied them to the back of a truck and drove down the...
  18. jarland

    The 2016 (USA) Presidential Election Thread

    I don't ask for perfection from who we elect, I only ask that they be genuine and passionate. When they open their mouth, they should say what they mean, and they should mean what they say. Their record should match their words. I can think of a candidate on both sides of the aisle that fit...
  19. jarland


    I wish I had an ounce of an idea how to actually go about it :(
  20. jarland

    What happens when your outsourced Twitter bot goes nuts or gets hacked

    It's no less than 30 at this point. They'll build up accounts for months and then rotate through them for a big blast, or so it seems. Accounts sitting around for a long time and suddenly here they go.