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    [US]Hostigation - LA 1gb/25gb SSD KVM DDoS protected $5/mo

    Quadranet is providing it I use the always on protection so it covers my entire BGP announcement
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    [US]Hostigation - LA 1gb/25gb SSD KVM DDoS protected $5/mo

    OpenVZ is still there, it's not as sexy to advertise, but is listed in that last paragraph.
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    [US]Hostigation - LA 1gb/25gb SSD KVM DDoS protected $5/mo has been providing hosting, dedicated servers and VPS since 2006 and owns all it's equipment.No Coupon needed, same offer as anniversary deal, stock added and new lineup of 2GHz CPU Core - L56xx/E5-26xx**SolusVM KVM VPS**KVM2G-102425GB SSD Disk1024GB Outbound Bandwidth1024MB...
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    Lets Encrypt: Free SSL Certificates. How will other certificate authorities compete?

    I had this question awhile back, and posed it to gogetsll, this was their responce Dear Tim,at this moment yes, we are pending on own CA registration.Dead business? :))) Lets Encrypt has 0,07% of the market, it is nothing. Millions of SSL issued daily by all...
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    Fiber Optic Switch recommendations

    I did just this, found a 40 port used unit on fleabay for $800, it runs my storage network for Ceph, then you can usually find HP Dual (Melenox) 10GbE PCIe cards for ~$50-75 and transceivers for ~$20-30 (service unsupported-transceiver to use non-cisco branded) and patch cables for $2-3
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    Facts I've Learned About Trying to Quit Smoking

    It's a tax loophole thing, pipe tobacco is taxed lower than rolling tobacco.  So most is sold as dual purpose to avoid the high cigarette tax. I've heard the best seeds are imported from England, but again, in the US, you are allowed to grow for yourself, but the minute you sell it, here...
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    Facts I've Learned About Trying to Quit Smoking

    Definitely cheaper, I figure it is about 80c a pack, but cleaner is debatable.  I am able to buy locally 1lb of not the worst tobacco and 3 boxes of tube for $18, makes about 600 smokes, and I am able to knock out a few packs in the time it takes to watch a 1/2 hour show. For those doing...
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    Facts I've Learned About Trying to Quit Smoking

    I know we were not allowed to smoke the first 10 days of basic training, now 35 years later, I really regret not staying quit
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    Starting a VPS business with $10,000. How would you spend it?

    I started with $400 10 years ago next month, so you have not accomplished much yet.  This business rolls with the same cycles as the general world economies.  Let me know what you are doing after the next recession.
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    Anyone running solar powered stuff at home?

    Your age is starting to rot your brain ;)  I'd love to make some use of Solar, heat would be my #1 desire in the winter, even though it is ~60 this week, baseboard heat is not cheap, but as a renter, and walking distance to the colo, I'll stay put.
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    Anyone running solar powered stuff at home?

    Your deep cells look like they are swelling, but could easily be an optical delusion.
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    WHMCS 6.2.2 release CORE-9490 - Health Check: Introduce warning for Older Versions of MySQLA new health check has been introduced that will detect if you are running a version of MySQL that does not support 4-byte utf8 characters. 4-byte utf8 is important if you...
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    Dacentec - Unreliable Network Ran by Amateurs - Recommendations

    Does it? Or does the fault rest with the clients? Companies are budgeting what the client is willing to pay.  Not everyone is willing to pay $1k/mo per cabinet in a properly built facility, and when the customer cuts corners on cost and does suffer the eventual failure, why is the DC to blame...
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    Host your own DNS or use a DNS specialist company?

    As my golden rule, if you don't have root, don't use it. I host my own DNS, cPanel DNSONLY and PowerDNS, all are diverse and if there is a problem, I have nobody but myself to blame and can fix the issue in minutes, when there is one.  very rare I have DNS issues, and when my users have issues...
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    It was the best looking cover, but I am just trolling anyway.
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    Provider vs. Proxy

    Did you try a proxy?
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    How visitors can trust on your hosting business?

    This is worth $0, you are only accredited if you pay them, and anyone who pays gets accredited. BBB is as big a scam as SSL certs and the browser mafia.  
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    Any Trekkies on here? The Star Trek Beyond - Trailer is out!

    I like the trailer, and doesn't reveal the story to entice you to see the movie