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  1. devonblzx

    AnyNode to shut down

    Southfield and Troy are the two places where you'll find datacenters but options are limited for single server. Waveform was the one I knew of in Troy, it looks like they were acquired by ManagedWay in Southfield now.  You also have Nexcess in Southfield that may be able to handle single server...
  2. devonblzx

    can anyone help me integrate emailing into my script?

    You have a very strange check in place. You are converting an array to a JSON string just to check a strpos.  Why not check if a key exists in the array? Edit:  It looks like an empty array will be returned if the DNS server returns NXDOMAIN.  So better yet, you could do: if...
  3. devonblzx

    Cavaliers OR Warriors

    I hope they hit a touchdown on the inbound play of the final period?
  4. devonblzx

    Cavaliers OR Warriors

    The way San Francisco fans react is much better.  (After Giants World Series) But anyways, I'm from Michigan, I can't root for Cleveland.
  5. devonblzx

    Regarding Samsungs "EVO" drives

    As far as I know, EVO uses TLC cells instead of MLC used by the Pro.  TLC is cheaper and has less write endurance but in a desktop environment I don't think you'll need to worry about write endurance and I don't think you'll notice a difference in speed.
  6. devonblzx

    Meet the new NEC DX1000, up to 46 servers in a 2U Chasis!

    It's neat but that is about all, from my perspective.  I'd imagine each one would use around 10A, you'd long exhaust the allowed power density of a cabinet in any standard datacenter before filling it with these.  Probably would be cheaper and just as useful to have a quarter of the server...
  7. devonblzx

    Multi Virtualization

    It actually provides more security when used with unprivileged containers (user namespaces).   The reason being, each containers has their own user namespace.  For example container 1 maps root to 100000 (0), container 2 maps root (0) to 200000, and so on.  If someone is able to break out of the...
  8. devonblzx

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    I hate when they put wheat in my coffee so I understand how addicting gluten free coffee is.. P.S.  Thanks for putting an end to that thread on WHT last night lol.
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    Usernames used by people here

    For a similar reason my license doesn't say ByteonSite, I would assume.  Most of the time, we aren't posting on behalf of our company.  This is a discussion forum about a lot of topics in the technology, not just things regarding our companies. I for one, have used devonblzx, from way back...
  10. devonblzx

    How To: Determining how many 'VPS neighbors' you have or if you are on an oversold OpenVZ node

    That's why I said "If you see a lot of wait or steal time".   That is the context.   Wait time represents the time your CPU is waiting on the disk, Steal time represents the time your virtual processor is waiting on the physical processor. I think the bold assumption is that with 4 physical...
  11. devonblzx

    How To: Determining how many 'VPS neighbors' you have or if you are on an oversold OpenVZ node

    I do understand your argument, there does require some context, but I think the context is the responsiveness of your server.  If you see a lot of wait, or steal time, then you see there are 600 containers being run on the same system, you know what the problem is. Even with 32MB systems 600...
  12. devonblzx

    How To: Determining how many 'VPS neighbors' you have or if you are on an oversold OpenVZ node

    Exactly.  I've been using OpenVZ since 2006.  Sadly, you ask the random person on VPSBoards, LET, WHT, or any other community which virtualization technology is the worst, and most of them will say OpenVZ.   Then you ask them why?  "Because the host can oversell" is the common response. I...
  13. devonblzx

    Verizon is buying AOL for $4.4 billion

    I don't think AOL has many dial-up customers anymore, but people still pay (mostly the older generation) for the AOL service.  I don't mean or AIM, I mean the actual desktop program that we used back in the mid 90s. It includes email, browser, the AOL keywords and everything else in the...
  14. devonblzx

    Virtuozzo Core

    What do you mean have they gotten their hands on it yet?   OpenVZ? Virtuozzo Core is just going to be the new name for OpenVZ once they finish up syncing the development with Virtuozzo.  I don't imagine it will be much different except for the new name and new development strategy.
  15. devonblzx

    PayPal USA Policy Changes Announced 4/30: Intangible Items Covered Starting 7/1

    I think people are missing the big point here about buyer protection from PayPal.  PayPal customer service agents probably won't know enough about VPS hosting to know what a customer is talking about or if what they describe is truly not fitting of the service so this is going to lead to...
  16. devonblzx

    [Tutorial] SSD Cache with Flashcache

    Flashcache is actually very easy to setup compared to other caching technologies (like bcache and dm-cache). You need to have the EPEL repo for dkms but as far as the install goes, it is this simple: yum -y install vzkernel-devel dkms git clone cd...
  17. devonblzx

    [Tutorial] SSD Cache with Flashcache

    You didn't mention writeback, writethrough, and writearound. Writeback is the default and fastest, all data is written first to the SSD and then later synced to the disks.  If your SSD dies, this can cause you to lose a lot of data and possibly cause large amounts of data corruption...
  18. devonblzx

    E3-1230 32GB Ram, 4 x 1 TB HDD, 100TB BW, 2 IPv4, KVM/IPMI - $60

    How exactly do you define what a CDN is?   So you don't allow static file hosting?  Can you realistically limit if someone hosts static files elsewhere as well as on your network?
  19. devonblzx

    optimal stripe size for shared hosting

    For SSDs, I don't think it matters as much. Larger stripe sizes can be better for random reads as well as sequential reads when running shared hosting.  This is because a small read will only cause one disk to seek, and the other disks are available for another read to another area. For an...