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  1. blergh

    Greece - what's next?

    "They need to pay them damn taxes!"
  2. blergh

    Cheap 20-24 bay boxes in europe?

    Ohai Looking for 20-24 bay storage-boxes for private use, anyone know of any cheap ones within Europe? Ie, chassis only. Preferably with 6G too. Cheapest i've come across so far is 500€ with free shipping from Germany. Seems like xcase is all out and re-vier is closing shop, halp!
  3. blergh

    Dual L5420 Giveaway

    How much would it be per month to keep it? I suppose it'd be more expensive than just getting a E3 or similar?
  4. blergh

    Cisco mails hardware to empty houses to dodge NSA chop shops

    PR indeed. If they can hack firmware of drives and whatnot, why the flying fuck would they not do shady shit towards Cisco?
  5. blergh

    BBS software?

  6. blergh

    Anybody using Tahoe-LAFS? How are you connecting to it?

    I'd say pass. Tahoe is worthless for just about anything other than stating "oh look, it worked!"
  7. blergh

    Observium - Monitoring Server and Client Installation Tutorial

    I don´t think the agent itself differs, it's more about the modules/parts/base-version that doesn't offer the same features/flexibility.
  8. blergh

    Effective measures to prevent domain hijacking?

    Build a bunker, install ISDN and stop using DNS.
  9. blergh

    New SolusVM Release v1.16

    Which century will we be seeing novnc?
  10. blergh

    Chromium spyware logging injected via extension called VLC Plugin Plyer

    I'm suprised that the biggest tinfoil-hat downloaded some browser plugin(!) from a unofficial source. What's the point of a VLC plugin these days anyhow?
  11. blergh

    Raspberry Pi 2

    Anyone using their new Raspi for Kodi?
  12. blergh

    Observium - Monitoring Server and Client Installation Tutorial

    From my experiences it seems that trying to use the agent with the current community edition means almost all of the actually usable plugins are "broken" or require serious php-code-ninja'ing to "work".
  13. blergh Ceases Operations for unforeseen reasons :)

    No. RAID1 is still RAID1, you´ll be in deep shit with "mission critical" customers when (not if) it happens. I hope you have backups.
  14. blergh

    Webhostingtalk / Inet Interactive SOLD!

    Except it doesn´t. I would love to know how many hits they get, as most people skip the paid (often more expensive) stickies.