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  1. wdq

    OpenVZ VPS request

    Thanks for the offers. I made my decision. 
  2. wdq

    OpenVZ VPS request

    I opened a ticket.  Awesome. 
  3. wdq

    OpenVZ VPS request

    ~$10/month is what I'm aiming for. 
  4. wdq

    OpenVZ VPS request

    Hello, I'm interested in an OpenVZ VPS. Here are some minimum specifications: 128MB of RAM 10GB of storage 1TB of bandwidth 16 IPv4 addresses Location isn't that important. It needs to be in the United States. The following locations are preferred: Atlanta, Kansas City, Dallas, Chicago.  I...
  5. wdq

    SubBuddy-py: A YouTube Subscription Auto-downloader

    Interesting. I have been working on a script that lists subscription videos and allows you to click on a button to have them added to a download queue.
  6. wdq

    Simple server monitoring - Feedback appreciated (Public beta)

    I really like this. It combines the uptime monitoring tools with the resource monitoring tools. A self hosted option would be a great addition in the future, even if it's something that is licensed with a fee.
  7. wdq

    Free cPanel reference posters. (24"X36")

    I ordered two of them and for some reason one arrived a few weeks ago, and then the second one arrived last week. 
  8. wdq

    My Google Glass edition has arrived! (Pictures)

    Hopefully they'll make an updated version of the prescription frames where the Google Glass part is removable from the frames. Without that feature you'll need to have another pair of glasses just for things like driving and when in a movie theater where you could get in trouble for wearing...
  9. wdq

    QuickPacket - Dual Xeon L5520 - 24 GB RAM - 1 TB HD - KVM over IP / IPMI - 20 TB BW on 1 Gbps Port -

    Could I have a Dell CS24-SC converted into one of these (move the drives from the CS24-SC to this)?
  10. wdq

    ultra lowend dedicated (with dedi offers less than $20)

    FitVPS/@rds100 has some cheap Atom servers in Bulgaria. I'm paying $25/month for mine, but they might have some under $20 as well.
  11. wdq

    vpsBoard community gameserver...

    In the past I used a whitelist on my Minecraft server, but now I use a greylist. Essentially anyone can connect to the server, chat, and explore. In order to build things or interact with the world you need to fill out a whitelist form. That form sends an email out to all of the staff, and then...
  12. wdq

    Nexus 5 is now available

    I'm really interested in the Nexus 5. The biggest thing in my opinion is the dual mode CDMA/GSM radio inside. Meaning that if you buy the unlocked version from Google for $350 you can use it on more than just GSM carriers like before. Apple's iPhone is similar to this. If/when Ting allows this...
  13. wdq

    Cell Phones

    I'm still using the Galaxy Nexus as my main phone. It's a couple of years old now, but it still works well for me. I have a version that supports LTE, and it also runs Android 4.2.2 thanks to CyanogenMod.
  14. wdq

    OS X Mavericks

    Yeah, that's what I did with the GM build. I had to do a clean installation and then restore from Time Machine, although there may be upgrade options available now that all of the new tools from TonyMacx86 are available.
  15. wdq

    OS X Mavericks

    I've been using 10.9 since the GM build was released. A lot of things like the multiple monitor menubars, and finder tabs aren't really new for me since I already had apps that could do those things for me.  All the other tweaks like compressed RAM, and finder tagging makes the upgrade worth it...
  16. wdq

    Free Raspberry Pi's

    I think a lot of it depends on how many users you have/how many repositories you have/how large those repositories are. I have the stock Turnkey GitLab template running on a 512MB OpenVZ container with no optimizations and everything works fine for my small projects. 
  17. wdq


    I used to go with, That was perfect before I started getting too many VPS's. Since then I've been naming them by what they do. It really makes things easier for me. A few examples are (web server), (VPN server),
  18. wdq

    Tools for publishing to Twitter on a schedule?

    I've had a lot of luck with TwitterFeed in the past. If you have a RSS feed setup with DailyServerDeals it can automatically post a link/title to Twitter from that feed.
  19. wdq

    MR: Your interest in an Atom-powered dedicated server in Los Angeles?

    This would be a perfect backup box with that 3TB hard drive and the 1TB of bandwidth. 
  20. wdq

    Budget Phone Service

    I'm currently a Sprint customer and I'm seriously considering moving over to Ting. Have you had any issues with Ting other than Sprint's coverage (which is actually good in my area, LTE is slowly unofficially rolling out.)