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    Kodo Technologies announces HostGuard VPS Control Panel

    Definitely do. After getting feedback from our clients our goal was to make the installation process a lot smoother. We also ditched the standard VPN as this made things too complex. The WHMCS has been revamped and the client can use 90% of features, the remaining 10% with an auto login...
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    vpsBoard summer newsletter

    Thanks for the plug @MannDude. We have definitely been very busy getting the solid foundation together and automating as much as possible.
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    HostGuard ? Dead or Alive?

    We are finishing up the new installation method today. Then Xen / migration scripts will receive some love. I know you've been waiting on Xen Anthony.
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    HostGuard ? Dead or Alive?

    We are definitely still around. More capital was raised to keep funding development (these things take money), so that's why we've had a bit of a hiatus for the past 2 months. Every thing has gone back in to full swing since last week. This we just moved in to a new CBD office yesterday. :)
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    Leaving SolusVM

    Correct we are still around. Basically, we took the feedback from our soft release to take care of the main issues clients were having and automated things even further. These things take time and when our next release is ready, you'll hear about it.
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    Kodo Technologies announces HostGuard VPS Control Panel

    We merged our master and stable branches today, which totaled more than 300 commits since the last version. We've taken on board all feedback from clients as we prepare for our next major release. That and we needed to develop a ticket system for our IT company that has taken off, which was...
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    Kodo Technologies announces HostGuard VPS Control Panel

    @qps We are testing it now. :)
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    Kodo Technologies announces HostGuard VPS Control Panel

    It's possible to look in to if we get enough interest. Xen and the new template is our priority for the next 2 weeks at least. I've created an issue for this in Jira so I should at least be able to give an ETA in the near future.   You can purchase a normal license and use it for personal...
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    Stock Market

    Do some paper trading for practice and then get in to it. If you work at a financial firm you should be able to get some basic advice to have a little bit of fun.
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    Do you use tapatalk for vpsboard/elsewhere?

    Have no issues with Tapatalk. I use it on multiple forums. Helps me keep track and respond on the fly.
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    My Google Glass edition has arrived! (Pictures)

    Looks like the guys at Google Glass think the same as me and I don't need glasses:
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    Looking for some people to test drive a few KVM VPS

    I'll keep an eye out for the pending feedback.
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    Do you use the default WHMCS Support system?

    We're considering moving over to Blesta then customizing to our needs. Blesta is just much nicer to work with. While the default WHMCS is great for an out of the box solution and basic ticketing, it does have its limitations.
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    Why the hosting industry and what made you stay?

    I'm in it to use technology to improve lives, whether that's through IT or games, I don't know sometimes. ;) My Dad had his own PC shop and I spent my school holidays there learning to build PCs. It's all come natural to me.
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    What tools are available to monitor for abuse?

    We wrote our own control panel and it was one of the very things I wanted to automate first. Monitoring goes hand in hand with a control panel so it only made sense to unify the features. Depending on what resource is being abused, HostGuard automatically suspends the VPS and notifies the...
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    Free cPanel reference posters. (24"X36")

    You should move it outside so they get some fresh air. Some days it's hard enough just to get a lunch break and clock off on time - it helps to walk outside, enjoy the sunshine and get some Vitamin D.
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    Wifi Pineapple

    I've been waiting for Mark V to come out. This will be a late Christmas present for myself.
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    My Google Glass edition has arrived! (Pictures)

    Heh, that's definitely a nice purchase indeed, but I'm personally waiting for the Oculus Rift myself. Coming from world renowned eye surgeons my relatives work with - never go LASIK. You are way better off wearing glasses. If you're going to get contacts - get disposable ones. Well, they're...
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    Kodo Technologies announces HostGuard VPS Control Panel

    Hey, It will be available in v1.2.0 which is due end of February. We will try and get it done earlier, but it's quite an extensive module.
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    Kodo Technologies announces HostGuard VPS Control Panel

    I don't see a ticket for this? Can you open one up so I can look in to it for you?