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  1. Roger

    25% OFF on SSD VPS Hosting in Miami Florida | VelociHOST

    VelociHOST We are proud to present a 25% recurring discount on our SSD-VPS Hosting services. 25% Recurring Discount. Use coupon code: 25OFFSSDVPS +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 384-KVM -384 MB RAM -1 CPU Cores Xeon-E5 -7 GB SSD Drive -1 IPv4 Address -1 TB Bandwidth -1 Gbps...
  2. Roger

    How to monitor how many seconds server is down?

    Pingdom can help for your situation, I guess. They probe from different locations. 
  3. Roger

    Which nameservers do You use?

    Probably your closer ones will perform better. Do ping/traceroute test to see which ones are in close proximity. Your datacenter/ISP should provide you their owns. Or you could go with pubic ones like Googles' and/or OpenDNSs'.
  4. Roger

    Task Delegation

    Evernote has been simple yet phenomenal for task building activities and group sharing/monitoring across any device.
  5. Roger

    How do you prevent server from DDoS

    - fail2ban will help on a per host, not node level. - ddos deflate (from will also help on a per host, not node level. In any case, the attack should be treated before reaching the server at all or null route manually if you do not have the resources to pay for the service and...
  6. Roger

    Thinking about not using paypal.

    Paypal drives more than 90% of the income to this kind of business. People is more aware of the fewer probabilities of a card fraud due to Paypal not showing their credit card information to merchants. Dropping Paypal would be dropping 90% of business. We use another Stripe as an alternative...
  7. Roger

    Miami Florida SSD VPS | 40% OFF SALE | VelociHOST

    VelociHOST | 40% OFF Limited Time Sale About Us: VelociHOST provides Virtual Private Servers (VPS) from our Miami, Florida datacenter (Colohouse). Our platform is comprised of high performance, enterprise grade, pure Solid State Drives (SSD), servers and network at the most affordable prices...
  8. Roger

    Are there any good Linux guides?

    What is it exactly what you are planning on using the operating system for? We would be able to better assist knowing where to focus. Linux is so ample on resources and applications that is so hard to provide guidance. Maybe you should start by learning how to use the command line shell, which...
  9. Roger

    MySQL on SSD or classic HDD?

    SSDs will outperform any HDD comparable setup for intensive I/O operations, such as DB access. Give it a try and see it for yourself! Write cycles should not be much of a concern if compared to the shorter lifespan of conventional rotational disks. Needless to say in a enterprise hardware...
  10. Roger

    Wifi Access Point Troubleshooting

    WPS's function is not to perform a hard reset. It is actually to connect WPS-supported client devices with all the WIFI security protocols in place. It would also allow the user determine if the problems he/she facing are software/hardware related depending on how it is used and the...
  11. Roger

    File / Folder / User permissions regarding /var/www

    Apache and Linux can be configured in several ways in order for you to strengthen its security. Root can own those files and folders. You can even change the server's root folder. In the end, it all depends on how you handle SELinux context to limit what Apache, and its users, can do. SELinux...
  12. Roger

    Cloud Deployment

    Have you tried Chef solo and Knife for the machine provisioning?
  13. Roger

    Wifi Access Point Troubleshooting

    Have you tried Wifi Protected Setup (WPS)? Most home gateways/routers come with this WPS button you can use to connect your WIFI devices to it by mean of this physical button. This way you do not have to enter any password into your WIFI settings on your device.
  14. Roger

    What do you use for monitoring the load?

    Observium Newrelic ...
  15. Roger


    Most of the time, Linux OS requires less hardware resources to perform similar tasks on Windows OS. On the oder side, most Linux distributions are open source, and no commercial licenses are involved if you don't want commercial support. Windows Server licenses are always required and are quite...
  16. Roger

    Openstack and WHMCS

    We believe is a good start, still it'll be interesting to see some feedback from users with production environments
  17. Roger

    Free Windows Server license with .edu address

    IIS webserver. Everything .NET related!
  18. Roger

    SSD-KVM VPS | $4.55 month with 35% OFF | VelociHOST We are proud to present a 35% recurring discount on our SSD-VPS services to the VPSBoard community. 35% Recurring Discount. Use coupon code: 35OFFVPSBOARD +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ 384-KVM -384 MB RAM -1 CPU Cores Xeon-E5 -7 GB SSD Drive -1 IPv4 Address -1...
  19. Roger

    Restrict Access to your Linux Server with TCP Wrappers

    Absolutely correct! I have modified the tutorial to include this procedure.
  20. Roger

    WHT Gold? OMG...

    Well, at least I did not find it so out of the context as Seagate's BACON drives.