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  1. Exelion

    CEO/Founder of CloudFlare thinks HTTPS is over UDP

    Maybe the twitter conversation is out of context, but I don't see him actually saying this is DTLS related, which yes, DTLS is affected by this since afaict it also allows heartbeat and thus has to be fixed too. That is a correct analysis. But from the twitter conversation I see, I see no...
  2. Exelion

    CEO/Founder of CloudFlare thinks HTTPS is over UDP

    If he did repeat it, he repeated it in a way that shown he didn't completely understand it.
  3. Exelion

    CEO/Founder of CloudFlare thinks HTTPS is over UDP

    May I ask why so many people are jumping to defend him?
  4. Exelion

    CEO/Founder of CloudFlare thinks HTTPS is over UDP "Want more terrible #heartbleed news? Probably can be used as a massive DDoS application vector. Yay!" "it's just a UDP request." "let's not talk about this over a public channel and hope that I'm wrong."
  5. Exelion

    Seagate introduces radical new product, sounds delicious
  6. Exelion

    Need an OS recommendation for children.

    I don't think anyone in this thread has mentioned Elementary OS, a Linux distro with possibly the best desktop environment I've ever seen. Imagine OSX, but without the decade old quirky bullshit that is vaguely associated with Steve Jobs.
  7. Exelion


    1:18 is clearly the most WTF part.
  8. Exelion

    nsfw game: 2048 - Addictive be warned :)

    I guess I shouldn't mention 4096:
  9. Exelion

    E3-1230v3/16GB/2x2TB/33TB/Gigabit/Dallas/100% Uptime, $99/mo, 2x240GB SSD $115/mo

    --- Attention to those who just got burned by the recent string of host failures: Call or email us, we will try to match or beat what your previous host offered you. We want to help. --- Call us: 1-844-393-4968 Email us: [email protected] Chat with us: #exelion on Or just visit...
  10. Exelion

    Intel released their newest Xeon E7-8895 v2

    Still waiting for Broadwell E7s due to memory bandwidth issues on Ivy Bridge E7s; to put enough memory in to make using E7 worth it, you need to use LR-DIMMs which means DDR3-1066, or about 1/3rd of your memory bandwidth just up and vanishes, and for the cost of these over an equivalent set of...
  11. Exelion Continues their Implosion!

    So, I wonder how long it will take until this devolves into a nasty class action (something no one particularly wants because it only benefits the lawyers). The WHT thread on this is already 70 pages long, full of people complaining about how this was handled.
  12. Exelion

    DigitalOcean Planning UK Location

    Why do so many companies want UK locations? Is interconnectivity to other parts of Europe that bad that a German or NL or French POP wouldn't serve them better?
  13. Exelion

    BurstNet acquired by DigiPlus

    Why does this feel like an April Fools prank gone horribly wrong?
  14. Exelion

    Burstnet Technologies Inc. aka Burstnet lies, rips off landlord, refused to move out of Dunmore Data

    I wonder how many colos were left behind and now can't get their property because the doors are now locked (someone in the massive WHT thread said this has already happened).
  15. Exelion

    Burstnet Los Angeles - Next on the chopping block?

    Maybe VPSBoard should merge all the threads on this?
  16. Exelion

    Dangers of IRC

    IRC is harmless. If IRC was harmful, I would have depopulated half the planet by now.
  17. Exelion

    Providers: Do You Send An RFO Email If Your Network Has 5 Minutes of Packet Loss?

    I actually like it when ISPs admit things have gone wrong and were fixed before anyone noticed. It shows how honest a provider is. It also means you could easily charge way more for your service just to have that.
  18. Exelion

    Game Hosting?

    We host game servers in the sense that we do unmanaged dedicated servers and I know for a fact some are being used for game servers.
  19. Exelion

    Preferred Payment Method other than Credit Card and Paypal?

    I'd like to add another vote for Bitcoin. At this point, theres no reason not to use it.