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  1. RombelIrk

    How visitors can trust on your hosting business?

    Small companies are good only if you're planning a small project, like a promo site or blog. If you need a hosting for any commercial activity, it's better to address to well-known, time-proved providers, even if they provide a higher cost. I'd rather pay some extra money to avoid (or to...
  2. RombelIrk

    Dedicated Servers vs. VPS (for beginners)

    VPS is more flexible in terms of scaling. When your project gets bigger and requires additional server resources, it's way easier to add them to a VPS, while renting a dedicated server you often have to pay extra money for resources you don't actually use. I would only rent a dedicated server if...
  3. RombelIrk

    How to Increase VPS hosting Business?

    In my oppinion, first of all you should get a selling web-site, that ensures your clients you're exactly the hosting provider they need and that's it. No unnecessary information. The web-site you linked above seems pretty nice, but the homepage is way to heavy as for me. It takes too much time...
  4. RombelIrk

    How many hosting accounts do you have?

    I have only one account as individual.
  5. RombelIrk

    Is VPS ok to host a game server?

    I would like to run a CounterStrike server on a VPS, is it okay or I should better think of a dedicated server for this purpose? Thank you.
  6. RombelIrk

    Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    I'm planning to spend my next vacation in Germany.
  7. RombelIrk

    Sort Survey regarding Email

    I took the servey.
  8. RombelIrk

    When should you use SSL?

    Besides, search engines prefer web-sites with SSL over the others.