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    Raspberry PI 3 Now Launched!

    I just upgraded to a Pi 3, stuck on the back of the telly with OSMC as media centre. I've also got a 1G hard disk and 2xUSB sticks attached for local file management and remote sync / backup. It also runs two websites, acts as a 24/7 torrent / soulseek box, DLNA server, and I test my Ruby...
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    Motivation for scripting

    I am not a programmer or scripter, but learning to script has given me a huge advantage I my job, where I am exposed to lots of disparate data sources. There's a deluge of legal and scientific data that I need keep on top of, to sort through and filter. I started by learning how to...
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    How do you upload your files to your webserver?

    I use a Raspberry pi for local file storage and back it up to a remote server using good old rsync. Really powerful and easy. On windows, WinSCP does the job nicely.  
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    Favorite Hollywood Actor ?

    Harry Dean Stanton.
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    Netbook beater for walking about and general outdoors abuse

    I thought netbooks were discontinued? I prefer them over tablets myself. Still, if going second-hand I highly recommend the Toshiba NB200 or a later iteration. I've had one for 7 years and it has been rock-solid and a great little performer. I inserted extra RAM and a SSD. I had XP installed...
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    Fucking Austria - It's a Place and Google Thinks it Knows.

    I passed through Fucking a few years back. Naturally, my GF wanted to take a picture at the town sign. There was a big hollow beside it - obviously a popular spot for pictures, and confirmed by the eye-rolling locals driving by. I thought they had to voted change it recently. We also drove...
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    Mozilla bundles proprietary extension with Firefox

    I've been using mostly Opera for years, but I am one of those people who has been miffed by it's change in direction.  It's still a great browser, but I've recently been testing a spin-off from the original Opera developers, call Vivaldi. I've been testing it for over a...
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    Being a Vegetarian

    I've mostly stopped eating meat, not out of any health consideration, but because of quality concerns. I refuse to buy meat in the supermarket, or touch any meat that has been processed. It's off-the-bone or not at all for me.  Last year, a range of products in UK/Ireland were tested and lots...
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    What do you use your Raspberry Pi for?

    I've been very pleased with my Pi2 running as a media centre (OSMC) and remote file server. Works like a champ! My second Pi has been turned into a dedicated Stockfish chess computer with a webUI. I'm impressed with it's performance so far (beats me every time, and can hold it's own against...
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    Last Movie You Saw?

    Whiplash - loved it. (the movie, not the spinal injury :P )
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    Does a Verizon iphone contract really cost this much?

    Thanks guys for the info and advice. I called him and echoed the fact that he's paying about right for a Verizon contract. When that's up he should move to T-mobile or another cheaper network. Admittedly, I'm still shocked that in 2015, in New York City of all places, he still has to pay that...
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    Does a Verizon iphone contract really cost this much?

    Hmm, not sure because he left it home lol. He's had it six months, and it was the most recent version when he got it. Unsure about capacity, but the issue isn't really about the price of the phone, rather the lousy 1GB bandwidth limit. 
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    Does a Verizon iphone contract really cost this much?

    Hidee hi, I recently paid a visit home to Ireland to meet my brother while he was vacation. He lives in New York. When it comes to technology, he's waaay behind the curve. Never even had a mobile phone until some friends recently goaded him into getting an iphone. When he told me how much he...
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    What browser are you using?

    I just started to use Vivaldi. It's chromium-based, so initially not a million miles from current Opera. However it is shaping-up to be very nice. I find it a tad slower than Opera/Firefox, but this should be improved. Still a long way to go, but worth a look (and...
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    What to do with my High End VPS?

    A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush!
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    Kimsufi BHS in Stock!

    I was lucky enough to get a KS-1 when they first came out. I pay less than 4 euro per month. I use it for subsonic, hosting a site, and for backups. Has never let me down. The control panel is quite excellent and the rescue mode has been a lifesaver. Last week I got a KS-2 and was pleasantly...
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    Raspberry Pi 2

    I did the boring thing and installed a media centre (OSMC, the successor of Raspbmc). I've been  very pleasantly surprised at the performance boost. The Pi1 was a tad too sluggish for this job. Pi2 handles it with aplomb. The current at the USB ports can be boosted to 1.2A, so it's now possible...
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    Raspberry Pi 2

    Thanks guys for dimming my enthusiasm!  :D (still excited though) I have a fixed IP at home, just need to look at the terms and conditions. 
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    Raspberry Pi 2

    I can't find a way to edit my posts. Anyway, it looks like using the pi as a home mailserver is indeed a viable option: This is quite a revelation for me. I've always been hesitant to start my own mailserver, even though I've always wanted to...
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    Raspberry Pi 2

    My new Pi2 arrives tomorrow. I'm ridiculously excited! I'm thinking that it might be a good platform to start my own mail server from home. Has anyone tried this?