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    Any Ruby fans?

    Yeah, they've switched away from Ruby in their back-end. I'm not sure, but I think they still use Ruby and RoR for their interface.  When you get as large as Twitter/Facebook/etc... no general framework is going to be as good as writing your own custom software, which is what they've done. 
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    Daily Server Deals has launched!

    Would be nice to see an expiration date field. I'm sure not all of these deals are permanent, so it would be informative to reflect that right on the offers page. I hate coming across old deals and not knowing if they're still valid or not. 
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    ColoCrossing and vpsBoard

    Personally, I think that this thread highlights the underlying need for a clear and concise posting guideline/rules of the forum or other such document.  For me, there are a couple of issues that were raised in this thread and I think that they can be cleared up pretty easily.  I believe that...
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    [Industry Question] How Do You Pay Support Staff?

    I'm amazed that in some places salaried means no overtime pay. While I'm not in the tech field, I'm on salary and get overtime pay (or time off in-lieu) at 1.5x my effective hourly rate based on what my expected work hours for salary are.  Is it really that common otherwise? 
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    what happened to hoster and how to restore

    You're compensating your customers by sending them a coupon?
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    Security incident at OVH

    Wow, that's actually pretty serious. Someone could have had SSH access to servers in Quebec for "a few days." That's... not good, to say the least. 
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    VPS Sponsorship Request

    I'll be honest - I don't think you'll be able to find someone to 'sponsor' you. As Mun said, 2 gigs is probably not enough for the number of players you want... and I think you'll have a tough time finding a provider that will give you a large enough VPS that would provide the experience you...
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    Cheapest place to get a 1-800 number?

    But then wouldn't your customers have to pay long distance...  Isn't the point of getting a Toll-Free number to avoid that? How does Google Voice help with that?
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    what happened to hoster and how to restore

    I'm willing to bet there was no communication from Sonwebhost because his email server was hosted on the same server as the website, the dns server... and obviously at least some of the VPSs he was selling. 
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    vpsBoard - Community input and feedback on our infrastructure and future

    I think there are two issues in this thread that should be dealt with, most likely individually. The way I see, this thread breaks down into: How to fund the ongoing operations How to provide increased reliability @TheLinuxBug provided potential solutions for both of those issues in that he...
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    Best password manager? What are you using?

    And this is generally why you need to have a password manager. Recycling passwords is a Very Bad Thingtm.  What if one of the sites you used a password on is compromised, and now an attacker has your email/password combination? They've got a 1/5 chance of logging into whatever service they try...
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    Best password manager? What are you using?

    Dashlane uses a similar model as LastPass, except it doesn't completely reside in the browser. There is a separate Windows of OSX application that pops up if the browser plugin wants to interact with it. You can disable the logo showing up in form fields, though it still does pop up a window...
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    Best password manager? What are you using?

    I'm in awe. I've got ~45 passwords in my password manager... how does she remember that many unique passwords?  I use Dashlane and received their sync-for-life benefit that they rolled out with version 2.0 for those who were around during their beta.
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    High Availability

    To do any IP failover, don't you need a "Virtual IP" assigned to you somehow? How would another VPS take over an IP that's been assigned elsewhere?
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    Request: Verified Providers link to your site(s)

    I agree with the others here. It's confusing if someone has a "Verified Provider" label, but doesn't include any information about which provider that is. If you want to post without being affiliated with someone, create a personal account. If you want the "Verified Provider" label, then please...
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    High Availability

    Would you mind going into a bit of detail on your setup? Specifically, how did you set up VRRP? Is it something the host has to configure, or a special request? 
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    High availability feasible for low cost?

    For #3 - backups are definitely part of my plan. I had just already figured that part (mostly) out, so I didn't include it in this discussion.  Thank you for the input guys. Some options to think about. I'm probably a couple months out from rolling this out, so I'll mull it over. 
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    High availability feasible for low cost?

    Thanks for the advice.  So, basically I should nix the 256 MB VPSes listed above and replace those with 512s (or higher) and run MySQL directly on each one. In order to keep them synced, put those in some sort of a master-master cluster (galera or similar), but don't actually send database...
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    High availability feasible for low cost?

    After the whole SolusVM hack and a number of hosts experiencing downtime because of it, I started to see posts essentially claiming "if you wanted something reliable, you shouldn't have gone with a low end host." That got me thinking. Could you use a combination of hosts in different data...