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  1. ChuckC

    cPanel admins and hosting providers, could you share your opinion?

    Could you offer a side by side comparison of features between your script and Softaculous?
  2. ChuckC

    Looking for information on BitCoin and whmcs

    @Tyler Thanks going to have a look at that.
  3. ChuckC

    Looking for information on BitCoin and whmcs

    I am considering accepting BitCoin as a payment. Have any of you providers here been doing this? If so what are you using with Whmcs to accept BC?
  4. ChuckC

    How did you come up with your company name?

    I was thinking to myself I need a Kickass name for an SSD only hosting company ...... then click.
  5. ChuckC

    Any good wordpress friendly web hosts?

    If your willing to step into let's say Germany for example that opens up a bunch more doors. Never heard of the host you mention so can't comment on them.
  6. ChuckC

    Post Your Rides!!

    @WasNotWSS Ah, gotcha. Nah no problems. The block was out of a 93 i think (van is an 86) and was 0 decked with a set of aluminum heads added after. Have the occasional issue with the header gaskets but so far no problems with the head gaskets. Mind you i haven't run it that hard yet and got it...
  7. ChuckC

    Post Your Rides!!

  8. ChuckC

    Post Your Rides!!

    @WasNotWSS She be a 360 stroked to a 408, hard on gas but needed, especially in the big mountains and 4x4 coming!
  9. ChuckC


    No time these days to game. If I do get the itch it is Desert Combat and Desert Combat Final.
  10. ChuckC

    Static website generator

    Grav looks awesome, hopefully, have time tomorrow to play with it.
  11. ChuckC

    Cheap dedicated server

    VPS with a hard drive of that size is pretty rare, but maybe somebody else knows a provider that would have this. The other option would be maybe a Kimsufi server.
  12. ChuckC

    Kickassd Shared Cloud Hosting (Elastic) | Welcome Back vpsBoard Exclusive Offer

    Kickassd is one of just a few shared hosting providers that offers true high availability (HA) shared hosting. This mitigates downtime due to hardware failure or even larger issues such as a failure in the rack itself. This also provides us with extremely quick disaster recovery from snapshots...
  13. ChuckC

    New site, new logo -- provide us with *your* feedback!

    I like it, well done. Only thing I don't like is same as WSWD mentioned with the A overlapping the R, it looks a bit squished and awkward.
  14. ChuckC

    Plesk Sold to Oakley Capital for $105M

    Just me or Plesk is like that one girl in high school ...
  15. ChuckC

    Post Your Rides!!

    My ride is a little different :D Had to make a video as sound needed! One of the best parts of this van is when driving locally on highway and in town people see it and think "Oh gawd it's slow don't want to get stuck behind this" then try to pull some bonehead move to get by. Their faces...
  16. ChuckC

    QuadraNet’s Experience with HostingCon 2017

    So now the question is, who will start the next "HostingCon"?
  17. ChuckC

    Who was your first VPS provider?

    I honestly do not remember, I do know though that they used SolusVM as a panel.
  18. ChuckC

    vpsBoard's Future

    Looks like it might need some more. I am not seeing new posts for the most part on the main forum page. I need to use the sidebar to see if there have been new posts.
  19. ChuckC

    How do you do staff?

    The first bit was pretty tough, bit being 12 months. Essentially I was a 1 man show during that time as far as support and server management went. 7 am until 9 pm I was pretty much always available for any issues or tickets 24/7. I opened a "Red Alert" support department that tickets went...
  20. ChuckC


    Happy to see these boards back in action, as well as the move to XenForo!