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  1. Nyr RIP Dedibox SC ! (Fin du support Q3-2016)

    From other ISPs, I meant. Anyway it's $10, which is a bit much for me to pay just to seed torrents. I would likely get some 5€ dedi with 100 mbps if there wasn't other alternative. I also forgot: for 2€ you also get some DDoS protection! Which is not great, but certainly better than a...
  2. Nyr RIP Dedibox SC ! (Fin du support Q3-2016)

    Yeah, a VPS can be a substitute for many tasks, but there are zero reliable providers which will offer 160GB of HDD storage AND 100 mbps of unmetered bandwidth (with burst to nearly a gigabit) for 2€/month. Many of us are torrenting from those little dedis and can't migrate to a VPS...
  3. Nyr RIP Dedibox SC ! (Fin du support Q3-2016)

    End of support could/should mean that not even hard disks are replaced. If so, I guess this means no more kidéchire for us :(
  4. Nyr

    The Great Netflix VPN Block of 2016

    All their content is DRMed, in fact pirated copies sourced from Netflix are just screen records.
  5. Nyr

    Facts I've Learned About Trying to Quit Smoking

    Haven't ever smoked but did go trough a different drug withdrawal (GHB) some months ago. Anxiety was so severe that it was waking me up at night. I did eat a lot of shitty food too. Advice for quitting? Just don't do it again. Have in mind that you are going trough that shit because of the...
  6. Nyr

    Fiberhub Website has been infected....

    Benefit of the doubt then I guess, in case those were two separate infections.
  7. Nyr

    Fiberhub Website has been infected....

    Ridiculous anyway.
  8. Nyr

    Fiberhub Website has been infected....

    How THE FUCK they can still be infected after 10 full days. I was going to contact them for a quote and just got redirected to the malware. Obviously don't want the service any longer. This is ridiculous.
  9. Nyr

    Professional VMware-based VPS in Zurich. Free DDoS protection. From $3/month.

    So "professional" that they even refuse to serve Swiss customers.
  10. Nyr

    Email Blacklists

    I feel your pain, man. Sadly, it's impossible to reliably deliver email to Microsoft if you aren't a big player. You can have a clean domain, clean IP, comply with all the standards... whatever, they don't care. I'm sorry but I hate them for this (and other things). I've lost countless hours...
  11. Nyr

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    To be fair, you can choose to have a metered connection instead and pay per GB (if I remember correctly).
  12. Nyr

    Your predictions for the future of the VPS hosting industry?

    We'll surely see a LOT of consolidation. 
  13. Nyr

    Who was your first VPS provider?

    My first VPS was with BuyVM back when they were starting at HE Fremont. I used dedicated servers way before buying my first VPS.
  14. Nyr

    Any working tutorials for a OpenVPN server with IPv4 & IPv6?

    No, IPv6 leaks have a strong relation to how your client routes IPv6 (or doesn't) when connected to the VPN. Nothing to do with the server, even if you can avoid them by pushing routes to the client. Also, nearly no sites will "request" IPv6 by default.. This is again a client side decision if...
  15. Nyr

    Any working tutorials for a OpenVPN server with IPv4 & IPv6?

    The guide linked by @drmike is very outdated and should not be used. @Gang Starr IPv6 leaks have nothing to do with your server supporting IPv6. That said, setting up IPv6 for OpenVPN is easy if you have a routed subnet as you should if you provider has any clue about how IPv6 works. This is...
  16. Nyr

    What circumstance does a registar reveal private whois information?

    Ask your registar / read their ToS.
  17. Nyr

    Clearing the air

    You are full of bullshit, you wanted to sell socks on LET so you either have access to or directly own a botnet.
  18. Nyr

    Receiving a refund via BitCoin

    If there are multiple confirmations, the transaction is clearly completed and Coinbase has nothing to do with it anymore. You need to solve this with or their payment processor. I used BitPay and Coinbase to pay many times and it has always been seamless, still you are dependent on...
  19. Nyr

    Do you use a VPN for your normal internet browsing?

    Always. Both for security/convenience and because there is some censorship in my country too.