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    Why don't you use CDN ? would you if it was free ?

    While the benefits of using a CDN to speed up your website are well known for those who use it, it's still quite uncommon for the overall hosting users. I wonder why is that!, is it that for most people it's too complicated to use ?, hard to understand or the additional cost ? For those who...
  2. N - A Global Marketplace of Clouds, Try a Cloud or VPS for $0.50 /mo - PayPal now accepted !

    The DC (Supplier) knows who the federation trader/host is, so if it's served by any abuse notice, it can contact the trader via the federation messaging system and emergency contacts, the trader/host of course knows who the purchaser is and what IP/details they signed up with (in this case the...
  3. N - A Global Marketplace of Clouds, Try a Cloud or VPS for $0.50 /mo - PayPal now accepted !

    Thanks, the overall federation from OnApp will go live this month, we expect to have allot more providers in the marketplace over the coming months,
  4. N - A Global Marketplace of Clouds, Try a Cloud or VPS for $0.50 /mo - PayPal now accepted !

    Hello vpsBoard Members! is the destination when you are looking for Cloud and VPS servers, we provide price and performance comparison of geographically distributed providers, to assist you in finding the perfect match for your server requirements.   Ever wanted to deploy a VM...
  5. N - 30% to 90% discount codes!

    Sorry, pricing has not been ironed out yet, as it depends on the local provider's cost, but it will be competitive to the other cloud offers, we also hope to bring a straight VPS offer in Asia in as well :)
  6. N - 30% to 90% discount codes!

    Thanks, and TBH this is still in early stages, we have still allot more work to do, but we are following the mantra of doing one thing at a time well instead of doing it all at once poorly. Also FYI, we do intend to open source this CP later down the road ;) You are correct, we have "hid" LA...
  7. N - 30% to 90% discount codes!

    Yes, currently we have Tokyo and soon we will have HK plus Singapore or KL
  8. N - 30% to 90% discount codes!

    PayPal is coming, we are currently working on a second billing model (PAYG deposit) that will support PayPal, ETA is 4-5 weeks tops
  9. N - 30% to 90% discount codes!

    No they don't, some places the infrastructure is quite more expensive (example AU) so the pricing of the local setup differs.
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    Any photography enthusiasts here ?

    Thanks, and do share your photos. It is a hobby, but 20 years ago I did used to work as a videographer/cameraman for several PT and US networks, so learn quite a bit back then, hope is later in life to build a studio.
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    Any photography enthusiasts here ?

    I wonder if there are any fellow photography enthusiasts here in vpsBoard. I am a big fan of photography, no favourite style or subject except I do love to shoot wide open, so primes are my preference. Here is my 500px - (try to save it for my favourites) and Flickr...
  12. N - 30% to 90% discount codes!

    Hello vpsBoard Members! is a new marketplace of Clouds and VPS servers running on OnApp systems, currently with 13 locations and more being added every week.   Current Locations   North America: Dallas - Softlayer Atlanta - JaguarPC Columbus - XLHost LA - Xfernet New York -...
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    VPS Setup with WHMCS and location management

    I don't know how your WHMCS supports this, but looking at it from a package perspective, it is cleaner to have a single package that then can be deployed on a selected location, makes it look cleaner than having 4-5 package (or more) all the same but different location It's a better flow to go...
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    iPhone 6* & Apple Watch Discussion!

    I am resisting this one until I see it, I find my iPhone 5s size already big "enough", sort of preferred the size of the 4/s, but that might change once I actually hold one in my hands The Watch .. I don't even need to see it ... want one !!
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    Ordering glasses online?

    Same here, I wear glasses (been considering LASIK) and can't imagine buying them without trying, many times I have seen a nice pair of frames online and when I went tot he shop to try them they simply did not fit well :/
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    Quadcopters and other tech toys?

    I have been resisting to get myself a frame to build or a RTR, last time I got into RC and RC Choppers it cost me a pretty penny, I tend to get obsessed :) But the DJI Phantom has been calling my name ...
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    How to do payroll taxes for foreign employees?

    However you do it, just don't overlook another few important pieces, NDA, IP and Non-Compete agreements, it's easy to overlook those with a remote employee and then later on find yourself in real trouble. Carlos
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    Thinking about not using paypal.

    We have started to use Stripe, I really like how easy it is to integrate to it and if you are using an off the shelve billing system, there is a good choice there is a plugin for it, the guys at Stripe are very friendly and it's a merchant and gateway all in one, advise you check them out. Also...
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    Do you tell a customer your server specs if he asks?

    Good points there guys, thats the problem, also benchmarks can be misleading, if you have just happen to hit a provider new HV with near 0% utilisation and another at 80%, you have no way to know that the HV you are on is at 80%, performance might be worse, thats why a continuous performance...