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    Windows VPS : 1-2GB of RAM or so

    we can help you  some of this in stok :  <br />2 Core  <br />RAM: 2 Gb ECC  <br />Hdd: 30 Gb  <br />Ip address : 1 included  <br />Port: 1 Gbps  <br />price 7 $/mo      please pm if you are interesed
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    Starting my first website

    word press is preatty easy to install and play with 
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    Mikrotik Cloud core Router CCR1036-12G-4S

    The same problem every day , shipping cost for Romania is more thath you pay for product ...
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    Mikrotik Cloud core Router CCR1036-12G-4S

    do you have any ideea what is the shipping cost to sent this item to Romania ?
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    OpenVZ + KVM

    interesting, let see how its work
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    VPS with cPanel

    we can provide you this vps located in Romania in our DC for 22$/mo cpanel included , if you are interesed please PM
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    What is your favorite forum / community software?

    I hope in the near future vpsboard for the moment i like LET
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    VPS-Forge is shutting down

    is not a good news eaven for the competitors
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    Allowing a VPS/Dedicated server to receive SMS text messages ?

    i thinck clickatel have something similar
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    What module to use with WHMCS?

    we use "Modules Factory" and no problems in 1 year
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    if you search for a backup vps how many space you need ?

    as the title says ...if you search for a backup vps how many space you need ?
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    What are you listening to right now?

    favoritefm , like this online radio
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    What you want to contain your VPS/KVM Client Area ?

    We are in the process of creating our own billing/customers management software and we would like your input on what features the VPS/KVM panel should contain. for exemple : firewall, addons ip , instal reinstal software, etc etc.
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    PayPal Has to Pay $25 Million for Being Sketchy as Hell. $15,000,000 in user refunds plus $10,000,00

    i am glad to see something like this , but is verry verry little import ...
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    Live chat software

    hello , we use zoopim and is verry verry good service.
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    Wich virtualization is most effective/stable/fast for MS Windows?

    i use proxmox and i have many clients with windows and no problems at all
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    Hostingparadise OpenVZ in Germany

    i used too this service about years ago and i had verry verry happy. +
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    What is better: Renting or owning your hardware?

    Is better the own entire DC if you afford
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    Do you use Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin being anonymous , i dont trust much !