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    Fast SSD VPS in Ukraine and in the Netherlands -| BTC, LTC, ETH, etc.

    Do you need super fast SSD VPS hosting service? is the place to order them at reasonable rates! Choose Your Virtual Private Server (VPS/VDS): VPS-XS - vCPU: 1 core, RAM: 2 Gb, SSD: 15 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $12/mo VPS-S - vCPU: 2 cores, RAM: 2 Gb, SSD: 20 Gb, 1 x IPv4 - $16/mo...
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    Reliable Dedicated Servers in the Netherlands -| Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin etc.

    3v-hosting - is a Ukrainian web hosting services provider with the data center in Kyiv and Amsterdam, specializing in providing Virtual servers (VPS/VDS) and Dedicated servers for lease and selling domain names in various DNS zones. What distinguishes us among our competitors is the high quality...
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    KVM VS OpenVZ

    Especially considering that a new release of Proxmox has recently been released. They added support for QEMU 8.0.2 - so now it should work even more stable, in theory.
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    VPS Hosting VS Cloud Hosting

    I believe that in the coming years the cloud hosting market will gradually deflate and all because of the rapid development of hyperconverged systems, which will soon be able to compete in ease of setup with the same cloud hosting, which will allow even small companies to install and configure...
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    Programming Language

    Only Python! I have been with him since 2015 and have not yet seen anything better, at least to solve all my problems since then it has been enough. It's like a Swiss knife - you can do anything with it!! :)
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    Use gtop to monitor your server at a glance

    I believe that the administrator should always be able to see everything he needs in the system and monitor it with self-written or customized scripts, since initially each server is configured to fit its needs and in different ways. But, of course, I agree that basic things can be monitored...
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    What is your favorite type of vps

    Exceptional KVM!! And many years ago I felt all this with pens, straight from the Linux console - there is nothing better, IMHO!
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    How many hosting accounts do you have?

     one account as individual
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    How did you come up with your company name?

    We are three business partners and our names begin on V. That is why
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    When should you use SSL?

    SSL certificate is necessary for anyone who wants to protect your online business. Any information send your customers through the website, whether it is a name, address, phone number and even more information on credit cards or bank accounts, should proceed in an encrypted form. Availability...
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    What happens when there are no more ipv4 addresses left?

    I think, when the no more IPv4 address, it will develop IPv6. And then willn't shortage of addresses for a long time.
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    Servers in unusual locations

    You can consider location in Ukraine. In this country are not bad hosting company. Maybe someone still need this information
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    Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    I wouldn't mind to be in a place where is warm and the azure sea