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    How to waste ad money.

    I see spellcheck wasn't on the TODO list.
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    VPSAce hacked, database stolen, encryption key for cards likely taken

    Yep, if you go on and connect to doxbin you`ll find a ton more.
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    Post your workspace/workarea/job sites :D

    Ah nice, at least you have a cleaner desk then mine.
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    URPad closing locations, merging into 3 central non-rental datacenter --- DUMPS COLOCROSSING!

    The fact you dropped ColoCrossing makes me happy, but you don't respond to support tickets. My mate has a VPS with you guys which is extremely slow, that he refused to pay his invoice because he can't even run apt-get install without it taking 30 minutes to even load it successfully.
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    Post your workspace/workarea/job sites :D

    Nice, when did you get it?
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    Earplugs... yep needed

    When I get a chance tomorrow, I'll take some pictures.
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    Earplugs... yep needed

    The electric bill isn't that high, actually. Assuming you don't think $500~ is high.
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    Earplugs... yep needed

    Oh god, no thank you.
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    Earplugs... yep needed

    Alright, I officially have too many servers. A few poweredge HP servers, supermicro, etc. totally to 7 servers, sitting in my basement running 24x7. All have a raid array with minimum 4 drives. Setting up a new one right now (Poweredge) and tomorrow setting up a new firewall.. Could it get any...
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    need help didicated to install as solusvm node

    I hate to sound rude here, but shouldn't a web hosting company know how to fix these problems themself?
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    VPSAce hacked, database stolen, encryption key for cards likely taken

    Taylor Smyth - aka Vypor Google: Taylor Smyth Vypor Taylor Smyth = Taylor Hayden Smyth, how's been a naughty little boy sending out bomb threats and who got himself a nice raid & computer clone.
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    Shardhost Info - Urgent Client Action

    For sure, must of been a really tough time eh?
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    Why the hate on Russia

    So MannDude, you might as well lock this, seeing how you state your opinion and get shit on. OK, thanks.
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    PHP Included header class active

    <?php function checkPage() {     $pages = array('Home', 'Colocation', 'Other');     $url = $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'];     foreach($pages as $page_name) { if(stristr($url, $page_name)) { $page_active = $page_name; } } } ?> This code will have errors in it, too lazy to run it though my server...
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    PHP Included header class active

    Are you fucking kidding me? Go back to school.
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    Home internet speeds

    Why is internet so cheap in the USA? God damn.