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    Unable to post offers

    Problem is solved.
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    Dedicated Servers | Virtualization Ready | Express Delivery | Germany | 1 Gbps Port Speed

    Nogics Technologies presents dedicated server plans which suits most of you. It's based on Intel XEON with Gb's of RAM. The best thing about our dedicated server plans is it's 6 hours express delivery. # Dedicated 1 - Intel Xeon E3-1220LV2 - 2.3 Ghz Quadcore (4 Cores) - 4 GB RAM - 2X1 TB...
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    cPanel Web Hosting, Host Upto 10 Domains, $7.5/year, Instant Setup, Fantastico/Softacolous

    Nogics Technologies presents shared hosting plans through our own servers located in Germany at best possible price. We have policy to never oversell servers to ensure reliable hosting experience. There is absolutely no hidden fee and no risk for you to give us a try! NOTE: These plans...
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    OpenVZ SSD VPS | IPV4+IPV6 | Germany | Instant Setup | Starts $2.61/mo | 30+ OS Templates

    Our VPS servers are located in Germany (Offshore) having excellent latency and uptime of 99.9%. Here are few reasons, why you should buy VPS from Us: Legally incorporated company in India. Having office with professional team based in India to provide faster support. We are available...
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    Starting a VPS business with $10,000. How would you spend it?

    First of all keep 60% of the initial capital for marketing and promotions as the same is the most vital part of any business.
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    Unable to post offers

    Hello, I am member for more then 7 days as well as having 10 posts. Also requested verification as we are a registered company In India. Still unable to post in marketplace sections. Please check the same. Sincerely, Sumit,
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    Host your own DNS or use a DNS specialist company?

    I am using Cloudflare and quite happy with it. No more "PAGE NOT FOUND" errors for static pages during very small downtime such as reboots etc.
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    Which domain i should start with ?

    x3host is the best domain to start your venture with. Keeping shortest domain is the best practice to get better SEO placement in search engines.
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    Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    I love sea beaches and one of my best vacation destination is GOA, India. Well enjoying sun set on a beach is really a nice experience.
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    What happens when there are no more ipv4 addresses left?

    Their is nothing to worry about. Over 70% ISP are now IPV6 friendly and left are planning to become. IPV6 is future of IP numbering system which will make the dream of every user having their public IPV6 number true.
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    My first VPS provider was Burstnet, USA which I bought in the year 2008. It was nice experience through as I was using normal cpanel hosting till then.
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    what difference is between Cloud vps and vps

    In cloud, you get your VPS or hosting from a group of servers. It's is possible that the servers are placed in different datacenters across the globe. Also the disk storage is over cloud too which provides redundant content delivery based on visitors location.
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    Dedicated Servers vs. VPS (for beginners)

    Dedicated server means truly dedicated hardware resources and it's more secured and will let you install everything. VPS is good for starters having low budget. However taking backup of VPS is easier than a dedicated server. This is the reason many experienced people go for a VPS because they...
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    When should you use SSL?

    I recommend every site to go for SSL/TLS encryption as it make your members logins and data secured/encrypted. Now a days you will see plenty of sites who do not process payments online but still using SSL/TLS Certs. Yes with SSL the connection speed becomes slow but it's worth to be secured...