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  1. shunny

    What is your favourite linux-based operating system?

    Ubuntu these days because of the more updated packages than Debian.  Had to configure something at work using RHEL / CentOS 7, dear god why did they change everything up I dont know. I mean come on -_-
  2. shunny

    Automatically provision dedicated servers... how?

    NOC-PS is an example of a software, foreman is another.  But I think it gets down to how disciplined the provider is and how committed they are in deploying servers as quickly as possible to customers. 
  3. shunny

    i want to provide $1 per year vps's

    I stared at the screen for 10 minutes and said LOL. I thought I was getting high on my coffee. 
  4. shunny

    How do you "filter" orders?

    Hello,  So a question for all the VPS providers out there.  How do you guys handle customers on sign up to filter out any abusive orders?  Do you use the MaxMind phone verification plugin, MaxMind minfraud, manual verification?  And what is the best way to catch potentially risky orders? ...
  5. shunny

    CI & Deployment System

    Jenkins is awesome with the amount of plugins and a large community around it you can find almost any plugin you want. It's easy to deploy and easy to configure. :)
  6. shunny

    CI & Deployment System

    Jenkins CI is good. You can customize it to your own development flow. We used Jenkins heavily at my old company, it was pretty damn good. 
  7. shunny

    Free Domains

    I will take pack 1 if its not already taken. 
  8. shunny

    FitVPS Review

    Hi all, I thought I provide you with a review of my services so far with FitVPS and their Intel Atom Dedicated Server service.  The service spec is as follows:  Intel Atom N2800  4 GB RAM  30 GB SSD  100Mbps port speed  3000GB Bandwidth per Month Reinstalls / Remote Reboot Unlimited and...
  9. shunny

    Any Ruby fans?

    I am preferring Python these days. Ruby is not really good when it comes to scaling. I have seen it be a really really bad PITA
  10. shunny

    BuyVM ColoCrossing Bye Bye Hello Choopa Move Today!

    grabbed one, so excited no more CC. :P  Yea on your website too should change to NJ :)
  11. shunny

    BuyVM ColoCrossing Bye Bye Hello Choopa Move Today!

    I am so looking forward to the stock in New Jersey
  12. shunny

    Anyone using vestaCP? vestaCP review?

    I tried VestaCP a couple of months back on a spare VM I had. I was impressed with their overall system, I think if we give them time to mature and they are committed in improving their control panel, VestaCP would be a great product. 
  13. shunny

    VPS provider with cheap cPanel licenses?

    More like steroids, lol. I have to agree Tim has solid services. 
  14. shunny

    Domain sale with a difference []

    If this is still open, I would be interested in continuing it. Sent you PM. 
  15. shunny

    NodeDeploy - [DE] KVM and OpenVZ Specials!

    Oh hell, I'm grabbing one of them KVMs. :D
  16. shunny

    MR: Your interest in an Atom-powered dedicated server in Los Angeles?

    So when can we purchase this server? :D 
  17. shunny

    GoDaddy Purchases Media Temple

    Yea, I heard about that. Not really a fan of the takeover maaaan. Need to transfer out them domain.
  18. shunny

    MR: Your interest in an Atom-powered dedicated server in Los Angeles?

    I will probably take one of these as well.  That 256GB SSD and IPMI is very enticing. 
  19. shunny

    Who plays Leagues of Legends here?

    I played ranked at lunch as Nocturne in jungle, stomped. I love Noc, so easy to scare off people with the ultimate and get a kill :D  @Francisco lets play a game! Does Aldyric play?