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    How to get listing of new posts/content after upgrade?

    Whats the reason that a user must be logged in, to see /new-content/ page?
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    Regarding Samsungs "EVO" drives

    Hey guys, So currently Im using a Samsung 840 PRO 120gb as a main drive for windows, and a normal 7200 1TB drive for storage and programs. But Im looking into running only SSD drives (removing the 1 TB drive). As I have been very happy with the performance of my PRO drive, I would like to buy...
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    Happy 27th Birthday MannDude!

    Happy Birthday :)
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    Android watches

    Well the moto 360 does not have the best battery, but If I shutdown mine at night, I can get 2 days out of it :) Depending on how the new moto will be, I might upgrade it, as I really love i moto 360 :)
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    Android watches

    Since Im not from the US, the links arent working for me. I got the moto 360 for 219,69$ (which is the cheapest in my country, due to high tax) Im really looking forward to it :) (should arrive in 1-2 days) And thanks for your reply!
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    Android watches

    Thanks for the reply KMyers, For me personally the "best design" watches atm, I feel is the Moto 360 and the (not realaesed yet?) Huawei Smartwatch - Both gorgeous imho. I've read great things about the LG watches (batteri especially), but Im just not sold on the looks :/ What features do you...
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    Android watches

    Hey guys, So Im currently looking at the moto 360, since its now on sale at a pretty decent price tag. Any of you who currently own it? Thoughts? (I know that they are currently making the 2. gen of the 360)
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    New WebHostingTalk Site!

    Im looking forward to a new design :)
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    Video Games Thread o' Doom

    Yeah, I mainly stick to 3v3 :) - Ranked on 3v3 is only 3 premades.
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    Video Games Thread o' Doom

    League Of Legends all the way!
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    Introducing the vpsBoard Library!

    I was one of them :( Is there anyway to get the "recent topics" back ?  :)
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    New Site - Watchya think?

    Looks good, but your current design doesnt look bad either
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    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    I currently only have a vps from, but previously used Ramnode, so my votes will go as follow : 3 points 2 points Ramnode
  14. D Launching New VPN brand FixedRoute

    I closed my account with after they continuesly failed to reply to tickets and servers were down. Will NOT be using their new brand :D
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    iPhone 6* & Apple Watch Discussion!

    I was actully pretty hyped to see the watch, but man, disappointed to say the least. The price tag is just too big, and due to stream issues, I did'nt hear about battery life? And the need for and iPhone just killed it completely. I really like the new moto 360, but only power for 1 day, kinda...
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    File / Folder / User permissions regarding /var/www

    Thanks for the reply's :)
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    File / Folder / User permissions regarding /var/www

    Hello, Im currently reading about permissions / rights, due to me wanting to secure my apache installation as much as possible. But each site is telling me something different, so its hard to tell whats right or wrong. As I understand, apache should'nt own file / folder within /var/www/html/...
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    Been a while...

    Good luck man, wish you the best :)