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  1. TruvisT

    FraudRecord Public Dumps User / Customer Info

    This explains all the spam.
  2. TruvisT

    Post your workspace/workarea/job sites :D

    Update. Working on creating a hacker space for some local cons and just tech gatherings. Ideas welcomed. (currently planning to load the wall up with monitors and popular cheat-sheets). Just need to find a decent yet cool conference type table and chairs. Would love to create something like...
  3. TruvisT

    Post your home network.

    Just had my MikroTik come in today. It will be replacing my pfsense box(not shown).  But this is the basic network setup of my lab room. The main 24port switch goes off to APs and other switches and a server closet.  Wiring is a little messy due to being in the middle of setup and configuring. 
  4. TruvisT

    What is better: Renting or owning your hardware?

    If you do the math, you will normally save much more money if you buy or lease the hardware. After a certain point per month, you start losing money. That point generally is around $150-200/mo give or take depending on the server hardware. You can build nice E3 servers with 32GB RAM and RAID 10...
  5. TruvisT

    Another reason to dump Verizon - always trackable super cookie

    Highly doubt they cut the program. The money they make from your meta data... more likely they changed the system up? SSL will protect(at least for now). Remember, when you connect through their routers, that is where the injection is taking place. So you are safe via Wi-Fi and other...
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    Another reason to dump Verizon - always trackable super cookie

    Yep. They used to but dropped it. Yes, that is true. The scary fact is many have discovered how to pull the "super cookie" and can now use it to their advantage against you. Long story short. Drop Verizon or VPN up.
  7. TruvisT

    Hosting Providers & BTC

    The issue with BTC is not so much the legal side. Honestly, if you do your checks right it is no different then paypal ect... and there is not full anonymity anyway with BTC. The bigger issue is how much the price fluctuates. If you have someone come in and make a huge 1 year payment on...
  8. TruvisT

    How do you manage your clients VPS? (Managed Providers)

    We use puppet/chef for managing and monitoring servers. There are so many options with these.
  9. TruvisT Releases over 2000 games originally created for DOS

    YES! YES! AND MORE YES! Now I know what I'll be doing tonight.
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    Programming Language

    C# You can go web with ASP.NET or go Windows development. If you want something that will get you into heavy dev go this route. You can always move over to Java very easy and do Android dev.  After C# go C/C++ then ASM if you like deep level coding. Otherwise you can branch out to Perl...
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    WHMCS -> SolusVM (weird bug)

    This is how random it can act: No updates have been done. As far as logs go, the API shows success: seems like it is a SolusVM issue. I could understand something breaking, but nothing has been touched. I've never been much a fan of SolusVM and their panels. Maybe it is a sign to switch.
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    WHMCS -> SolusVM (weird bug)

    Thanks, Joe! Anything you find would be of help. I've recreated API keys and checked firewalls, ect... but nothing.
  13. TruvisT

    WHMCS -> SolusVM (weird bug)

    Tonight our 1024MB package randomly stopped creating accounts on SolusVM and required manual setup. The other packages work just fine.  This is the working packages: Broken one/create new: Anyone seen or know what would cause WHMCS to stop seeing the SolusVM server randomly?
  14. TruvisT

    Utility bills? Do they still exist?

    Same. I like paper trails for my record sakes. Can't touch local copies. I actually know many people, several as our clients, who hate anything electronic wise. On a side note, which hosts have ever asked for a utility bill? 
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    Seeking servers sponsorship for project

    Feature idea: The ability to create custom encryption/decryption keys for messages.
  16. TruvisT

    Congress passes bill allowing warrantless forfeiture of private communications

    Me and some friends looked at ideas like that and made plans. Pretty much all our smaller local businesses are like this and are anti-cloud now due to all the hacks and such.
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    .net price change

    I feel it is time to register the .kitten tLD and offer it cheap and wait for everyone to buy and host kitten pictures in that domain space then jack the rates up to a premium of $100/year </sarcasm>
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    MS Exam 70-533

    Nice article! DreamSpark is a great way to get lots of decent tech for free. I've noticed even outside DS Microsoft is starting to give away their products to get more people to dev their stuff. Ah like the App-V/RemoteApp type setup? I do love that setup especially in the health care world...
  19. TruvisT

    MS Exam 70-533 great place to start if you want to jump right in to Windows Server 2012 R2 or other Microsoft based products. I will warn you though. You will never look back. Microsoft has taken some great strides in making their products awesome. I really wish I could dump all...
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    MS Exam 70-533

    Heh. There really is nothing. In fact, the dev exams are actually being beta tested as we speak. The hard part with the current Azure videos from Microsoft is they have too much of a sales pitch or heavily mixed in with developer talk. Started printing out the MSDN and Azure blog articles to...