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  1. Hxxx

    linode under ddos for past 2 days

    Yep its seems that is a very personal beef.
  2. Hxxx

    Rackspace being sold to Apollo Global for 4.3 billion dollars

    What happened to our conspiracy theorist  @drmike ? Dude still alive?
  3. Hxxx

    vpsBoard is now adsBoard

    Yeh mostly you. The problem is real content vs ad content. Is hard to find what's new with all these ads, even in the feed.
  4. Hxxx

    vpsBoard is now adsBoard

    Just thinking about how ad spammy this forum has become. You are in the league of WHT if not far. Is it dead again? :)
  5. Hxxx

    Any VPS Recommends (Managed)

    BuyVM has a managed service. Contact Francisco.
  6. Hxxx

    ColoCrossing threatens to sue vpsBoard

    So many click likes i had to give. My finger is hurting. All your fault.
  7. Hxxx

    Improving VPSBoard Discussions Right Panel

    Hello Community, Speaking for myself , I usually check the forum 1 or 2 times a week. I've been noticing that recently the panel located to the right called "VPSBoard Discussions" is being filled with random offers. While profit is an important part in maintaining a proper community, I think...
  8. Hxxx

    Lets Encrypt: Free SSL Certificates. How will other certificate authorities compete?

    Not sure if for business let's encrypt is trusted enough. For now I prefer to buy certs from known authorities. 
  9. Hxxx

    On This Day DigitalOcean Borroweth More Than The VCs Hath Previously Giveth

    Seems to me DO is doing decent enough. Some profit must be doing. I personally use them for business. 10 dollars per 1GB is not cheap, is the standard nowadays. Do you know how many times I forgot to destroy a droplet? Is so easy $$$$. They never have let me down, Vultr is another good enough...
  10. Hxxx

    •• Crissic Solutions - Now Backed by QuadraNet, Inc •• New Virtual Dedicated Servers •• 25% OFF!!

    Hello, Why your "cloud vps" offers as Quadranet are cheaper than the Crissic solutions? Are the "cloud vps" offers inferior somehow to the crissic solution? Is Crissic your premium brand now? 
  11. Hxxx

    SolusVM panel strange event

    @zafouhar  i agree, but that was no the case. @Licensecart asked the host, it went into a never ending investigation :) Still waiting. 
  12. Hxxx

    SolusVM panel strange event

    Hi, Today I was setting up a VPS in a provider that uses SolusVM. So to make the story short, i first reinstalled with centos 7, got stuck at some point with an incompatible package and the IUS repo, so I said well this is just for a quick deployment, I'll reinstall ubuntu (might have done...
  13. Hxxx

    Burning ISO to USB flash drive in Debian / Ubuntu / Linux

    Or if you have a windows spare computer laying around, just install lili (LinuxLive USB creator) a do 3 clicks. +1
  14. Hxxx

    HA in Digital Ocean

    Thanks drmike and fm7 for the contribution. I like these topics. I wish the forum were more about this and less random. HA is an interesting topic with multiple ways to achieve it. It has some area for improvement.
  15. Hxxx

    HA in Digital Ocean

    This have been known for a little while, based on the features enabled in the control panel at DO, but today I found this explanation while looking over twitter. Here is the link to the article, is so nicely crafted that I prefer to just place the...
  16. Hxxx

    My homemade slow webserver

    Probably faster than most shared hosting :D
  17. Hxxx

    The Great Netflix VPN Block of 2016

    That's a beautiful setup, indeed. Stable enough?
  18. Hxxx

    Staminus sites offline - massively hacked

    Interesting all of this. Now for me what's important is that somebody mentioned @ramnode.   Confirmation about this? Anyone?
  19. Hxxx

    The Great Netflix VPN Block of 2016

    It works both ways. I find more vulnerable that you tunnel absolutely everything through them, so basically if one of these vpn fail, let say one of these VPS (if this is what you use) get hacked then you are compromising everything.