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    iWF Hosting has LOST THEIR MINDS! KVM VPS w/ 24GB RAM for $33.99/mo!!

    What happens when you take iWF's already killer, famous VPS blowout and DOUBLE THE RAM?   Absolute insanity!   We've lost our minds folks, but this promo won't last long!  *New clients ONLY - no exceptions.   Limit one per client. Please contact us for details or custom plans, [sales (at)...
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    iWF Dual L5520 BLOWOUT | 8 cores, 24GB RAM, SSD | $55/mo | Multiple Locations, TONS of Options!

    iWF Hosting (iWebFusion) would like to share our Dual Xeon L5520 BLOWOUT SPECIAL![/B] Please contact us for details or custom plans, [sales (at)] iWF doesn't win clients through catchy marketing campaigns.   We have a legion of satisfied clients, might we say "fans" even...
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    iWF Hosting: Build-A-Blade BLOWOUT! Dedicated servers start at $45/mo -- Fully customizable!

    iWF Hosting (iWebFusion) would like to share our brand new "Build-A-Blade" special! You pick the specs, and we'll custom build a blade just for YOU. Please contact us for details or custom plans, [sales (at)] iWF doesn't win clients through catchy marketing campaigns. We...
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    Do you currently use IPv6 actively at home or in the data center?

    My local ISP (municipal fiber) doesn't yet support IPv6, however we have IPv6 on 90% of our shared servers, and whenever a customer wants it on VPS/dedicated :)
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    $11.98/Year | cPanel | LiteSpeed | SSD | Vegas/US | 6 Years in business

    Quick question if I might, what was your brand name before I only ask, as it seems the domain was created in 2012.
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    iWF Hosting: VPS BLOWOUT SALE | Pure RAID SSD | KVM | Starts at $8.99 | 12GB RAM @ $33.99!

    iWF Hosting (iWebFusion) would like to share our KVM blowout sale (again), but this time -- it's even better!  DOUBLE RAM, and no up-charge for Peer1 Los Angeles w/ multi-homed, Asian optimized bandwidth and amazing connectivity to North America's west coast and the USA! Please contact us for...
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    The gun thread

    Yep, I'll be the first to jump on that bandwagon!
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    The gun thread

    Ahhh yes, pro deals are a fantastic thing. I've saved so much money on buying shit (I probably don't need) You get discounts on much, much more then firearms. Check out promotive, they have a pretty good assortment of pro deals available to LE.
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    Dedicated server in Chicago and Buffalo?

    Late to the game here, but we do have a Monticello, IA location which backhauls to Chicago, for your future endeavors.
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    Unusual Request Location - Ethiopia

    Should that be a pingable/traceable address? I'm having traces timeout around 197.254.194.x (which appears to be in Sudan) and am unable to ping your 213 address whatsoever. Anyone found another address to trace, cus' I'm having no luck whatsoever.
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    We use it and couldn't be happier, it saves us a lot of time and money!
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    Looking For Single Server Colo

    Any location preference? Or is cheap the only qualifier?
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    [Dedi or VPS] 500GB Storage & 8TB Bandwidth (US)

    Late to the party, but... 2xL5520 2x1TB HDDs (SW RAID 1 if you like) 32GB RAM 10TB @ 1Gbps /29 IPv4 /64 IPv6 Roseburg, OR DC $79.99/mo Any of this can be customized to whatever you like.
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    Easy DCIM Released

    Any special promo pricing?
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    Ideal node specs for rented operations

      I definitely agree, our L5640 CPUs crank and perform just as well as our E5 nodes I find, and they're more energy efficient! I'd go for an L series CPU if you're colo'ing -- the X series CPUs really eat through power. If you're not coloing, then go for it, aint your problem! 
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    WHM/cPanel 11.50 Now in RELEASE Tier

    ASSP's interface though... Oof, that's a bit rough. That being said, it does do a great job.
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    HostingCon 2015?

    Awesome, well I suppose I'll head on down then! Just purchased my pass and plane tickets -- unfortunately the hotel is already totally booked, anyone have suggestions for other hotels?
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    Windows VPS : 1-2GB of RAM or so

    Not sure what your definition of expensive is, but we happen to be having a sale at the moment, our Peer1 LA location should be fine, our SPLA prices for Windows are: 2012 Essentials: $12/mo 2012 Standard: $18/mo Or, you could simply bring your own...
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    The gun thread

    I love it! That being said it's a full size pistol, and is not an easy carry piece, it's definitely a purpose built duty weapon. That being said, it's brilliantly accurate, and has yet to jam on me.
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    HostingCon 2015?

    Is anyone heading down to HostingCon 2015 San Diego? Our company has been going for many years, however I've personally never been and have been given the opportunity to go -- yay or nay, is it worth the time or it just a place to sink some change?