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    Hermes Hosting - VPS | Windows & Linux | KVM | 1 Gbps | Unmetered | 99% Uptime | EU

    Please remove this i have a more up to date thread.
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    Hermes Hosting - VPS | Windows & Linux | KVM | 1 Gbps | Unmetered | 99% Uptime | EU

    Promos 1. 50% off with promo code 50OFFNOW LOCATION: Europe 1 Gb RAM 1 CPU Core 1 GB Guaranteed RAM 50 GB Hard Drive Unmetered Bandwidth 1 Gbps Mbps Net Speed 1 Dedicated IP Address All Major Linux OS Windows Server 2008/2012 RDP & VNC Access Instant Setup CLICK HERE 2 GB RAM (VPS) 2 CPU Cores...
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    Dedicated server in Chicago and Buffalo?

    I know a big name company that does this and has tons of locations i just need to do a quick google search and get back to you.
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    Linux vps

    Not going to happen and i wouldn't trust anyone that is willing to offer this. I was once with a DC that charged $3 per IP so yea. Plus 30 VPS for one customer. No thanks. 
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    How does a NAT VPS work?

    NAT is a pain to get working especially if your used to bridging i had to do it for the first time when i switched DCs and they refused to refund me. Took me like 3 days to figure it out.
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    Phone verification?

    I didnt think about using phone verification im very happy to have stumbled upon this i am going to use it for now on.
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    How to sell more VPS Servers

    Most people have a niche meaning if you want to sell to people that host game servers on it you post on as many game server forums you can find.
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    Why Don't Providers Do This One Simple Thing ... To Make More Money?

    I think almost every provider accepts pre funds. its just industry standard now
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    Do you use Bitcoin?

    I use bitcoins i think it is the safest way to accept payments no chargeback nothing.
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    How did you come up with your company name?

    I went through alot of painful names and brainfarts and headaches to come up with one that fit
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    Most popular location for VPS?

    I think it is anywhere outside of the USA
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    Starting a VPS business with $10,000. How would you spend it?

    Buy a permanent WHMCS license Rent 2 a dedicated server for 2 years Stickies on forums for as long as possible. save the rest.
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    Getting new clients ~ How did you do it?

    Word of mouth seems legit. WHT is good but as someone says people look for cheapest hosts over high quality