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    Node.js tutoring - €150 for 5 hours, €250 for 10 hours (limited availability)

    I've been doing code review and tutoring for Node.js for some time now, and it's been a while since the last promo - so here's a new one! It doesn't really get any cheaper than this anywhere :) I'll keep it short; this is what's on offer: 5 hours of private tutoring, for €150 (ie. €30/hour)...
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    Nix - A Purely Functional Package Manager

    I was pointed at the Nix package manager by somebody a few weeks ago... It completely removes the possibility of version conflicts, allows for non-root package installation, and so on. It works across distributions, too - they have their own Linux distro, but you can also install just the...
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    Looking for (urgent!) help on an archiving project for a few days

    We (ArchiveTeam) are currently archiving, as it's shutting down, but we've run into a bit of a capacity snafu. It's an all-volunteer (and very time-sensitive!) effort. The archival is distributed amongst many systems, and the archived data is then uploaded to one of several 'rsync...
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    Critical Vulnerability in RDP Could Allow Remote Code Execution

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    Hacking Team got... well... hacked.

    Source: Apparently their security wasn't very good, so 400GB of their data was leaked: And then a senior engineer of Hacking Team started yelling on Twitter: Which is probably...
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    Amazon Releases New Open Source Implementation of TLS Protocol

    More: Just a server implementation, as far as I can tell, not a client implementation. Still, good news.
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    Gay marriage (finally) legalized in the US

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    Learn Node.js for €100! (~5 hours of one-on-one tutoring)

    I've been doing Node.js code review and tutoring for a while now, and I figured I'd try my hand at running a promo.   So, for the coming week, I'm offering five hours of Node.js tutoring for only €100 (about $113 at current exchange rates).   That's €20 per hour, a 20%-60% discount over my...
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    Wable Terms of Service

    What's with the bizarro Terms of Service? And this one, that I'm fairly sure would just be straight-out illegal in the Netherlands: I was interested at first, but these terms just send me running for the hills. This is decidedly not customer-friendly. And I'm putting it politely...
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    If you use Hola, uninstall it right now

    Hadn't gotten around to posting it here yet, but here you go: Excerpt from the table of contents: Unless you like your system to be infested with malware, you should probably get rid of Hola :)
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    Functional programming in Javascript: map, filter and reduce

    Cross-posted from my blog, where the formatting is a lot nicer :) You can reuse, redistribute, remix etc. under the WTFPL/CC0, as usual. Though you should probably get it from my blog, rather than here - it's rather hard to get the formatting right in IPB's editor, unfortunately. Feedback is...
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    Mozilla bundles proprietary extension with Firefox

    So... after adding advertising to the start screen, planning to disable installation of extensions from third party sources and deciding to break the open web followed by half-assed excuses that miss the point, here's Mozilla's next step: bundling integration with a proprietary service in...
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    Node.js code review and (private) tutoring

    After having helped people out in #Node.js on Freenode for a while, I figured out that I actually quite enjoy reviewing code and teaching people, and there aren't really any ethical concerns either. So... I've turned that into paid work :) The 'canonical' page with information about this is...
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    VPS-Forge is shutting down

    Received this 4 days ago... Unfortunate, they were quite good :(
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    ServerCrate compromised

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    IPXCore leaving ColoCrossing in Buffalo and moving to Choopa, NJ

    Just received this e-mail.
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    Soooo... who remembers this thread on LowEndTalk? I was bored yesterday, and I figured I'd dig a little. And guess what I found? Have a look at the page that the above thread refered to, and be sure to note the date: Well, big deal, right? That WHOIS data must be from before Chris...
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    ChicagoVPS reaching new levels of desperation

    Just got this e-mail from ChicagoVPS... we really want you back, just pre-pay for 3 years! Wasn't 3-year prepayment informally considered the "deadpool mark" back in LEA days?
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    WTF PHP?

    See I can't even begin to understand how this is even possible.
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    Study finds that Bitcoin does not behave like a currency...

    ... where the word "currency" is redefined, to encompass the exact characteristics of traditional banking and government-issued money. Gosh, I wonder what the outcome of that would be!