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  1. drmike

    Another day and same old ColoCrossing games - More Magical Employees Photographed Working Elsewhere.

    Taken from ColoCrossing Facebook. Taken from ServerMania's website. Can we match #1 and #2?   Same back drop, and two ghost employees.  Recurring issue in Buffalo with pumping up companies with non employees and/or lending them out to investments to fill in shots/public details to...
  2. drmike

    I am back.

    I decided to come back.  Someone needs to fill your hosting stocking full of coal for the holiday season. Get ready, incoming! :) 
  3. drmike

    ColoCrossing Promotes Fake Reviews via Workers, Insiders, Spammers, Hackers and Shills

    Let's talk about the problem with ColoCrossing engaging in fake reviews to increase the reputation of their company in search. URL: 25 Google Reviews.  4.0 out of possible 5.0 score.  What do we find? A pile of shills.  A bunch of...
  4. drmike

    Samsung Acquires Cloud Company Joyent

    Samsung acquires Joyent  (private and public cloud / container company) June 15, 2016 - by Scott Hammond, CEO Share:   Since its inception, just over ten years ago, Joyent has lived on the leading edge of technical innovation. The Joyent team pioneered public cloud computing (and...
  5. drmike

    Recommendations Requested: Tapatalk and other forum app readers

    Long time here Tapatalk seems to be busted with IPB.  Tried it and unsure what / where it's pulling data from here, but strange data. Wanted to check and see if people are still using Tapatalk with other forums and if any other decent reader apps should be looking at as a forum reader.
  6. drmike

    Bring on the usage caps... to landline services

    AT&T implemented long coming caps on bandwidth to landline customers on U-verse services. Effective today all customers get to live under bandwidth caps. 0-6Mbps = 300GB a month 12Mbps - 75Mbps = 600GB a month 100Mbps - 1Gbps = 1TB a month $10 extra for each 50GB above your overage. ...
  7. drmike

    Wable Drops boot and kicks bundled customers.

    Our API for deployment and management of your VPS will be in public beta by June 15th. 2 factor authentication will be implemented by June 15th. A 100% up-time SLA is being introduced on June 15th. Effective June 1st Wable's VPS service will be billed hourly for VPS and upgrades. There will no...
  8. drmike

    Docker - Good reference to get started?

    Docker that container virtualization ( hype everyone seems to be into these days --- Anyone well along with Docker? What does anyone recommend as a reference / howto for those starting? Yeah, appeals to me Docker for some upcoming stuff and sandboxes and...
  9. drmike

    Customer Support Representatives with Experience Wanted

    I have a shop that is looking for experienced support representative(s). Remote work / contract position. Paid weekly. Should have real experience working with WHMCS on Linux VPS and cPanel.  Should be familiar with command line and common network tools. Abuse and suspensions are big...
  10. drmike

    GRIPE: Customer Support is not a business option.

    Not a gripe with anyone I am working with / clients, but an evolving and growing gripe due to what I keep stepping in during research (read: shit). I continue to fail to understand why support is an afterthought at best in the hosting industry. This business is NOT PASSIVE INCOME...
  11. drmike

    Panama Papers Mass Dump - Wordpress implicated

    So maybe you live under a rock and avoid news sites, congrats on being a rare creature and happy day to enjoy that quiet by the stream. Rest of us have been snorting as the Panama Papers hack job matures and controlled media IV drips bits and pieces (even though they've had the data for a...
  12. drmike

    Linux CCTV / camera / security cobblers here?

    Do we have any resident cobblers / DIY types who are using Linux for CCTV / security related? I mean legit Linux DIY not premade embedded systems. I am fussing with some China dump wifi cameras (read cheap).  Quite interesting little units for the price (bound to be more like them). ~ $15 a...
  13. drmike

    Burning ISO to USB flash drive in Debian / Ubuntu / Linux

    I like many here do a lot of OS installs.   Still mainly burning ISOs to discs (CD or DVD).  It's wasteful and pain to organize.  Sure PXE would be ideal, some day :) Long been meaning to find out how to put little flash sticks to good use since most modern computers support booting from USB...
  14. drmike

    Scaleway Launches Native IPv6 and IPv6 only 1.99/mo

    Scaleway continues to impress. Now they've launched IPv6 natively and are even discounting those 2.99 instance further if you use IPv6 only. IPv6 will also let you spare €1 per server if you don't need a public IPv4. As such, you can now benefit from a VPS with 2GB of ram, 50GB of SSD...
  15. drmike

    It is World Backup Day today - a reminder to backup your data

    Today is World Backup Day.  Annual event that serves as a reminder to get backing up your important data and for those of you already backing up, sanity check they are working. Some schwag for the celebration (no sugary candy)...
  16. drmike

    Who is the paranoid now? Apple.

    Interesting drama around Apple's own cloud hosting aspirations. "And it worries that some of the equipment and cloud services it buys has been compromised by vendors who have agreed to put "back door" technology for government spying, according to a report from The Information's Amir Efrati...
  17. drmike

    Microsoft creates AI bot that spams Twitter with Overt Racism

    Craziest mess I've seen in many years. Microsoft released a Tweeting bot the public could interact with. Allegedly an AI project.  Quickly the bot went to insulting Mexicans, Jews and blacks. MS blames it on troublemakers finding exploits in the bot.   Me I think the creators of the bot...
  18. drmike

    Kindle e-ink device users forced to upgrade or no internet.

    If you are using the older Kindle (Amazon) e-readers there is a deadline today. Amazon is forcing updates to be installed on your device(s) or it will cease to connect to the internet. Full info...
  19. drmike

    PHP + WHMCS programmer / scripter needed

    I am looking for a programmer / scripter already familiar with PHP and WHMCS. Project type work, one off  custom scripts.  Freelance work for someone out there, per piece. If interested, PM me your CV / resume or in lieu of such tell me about your experience.  Informal is fine, alternative...
  20. drmike

    Qualcomm Snapdragon SoCs Found to be Insecure - Multiple Security Issues

    So the ever popular phone chip and iOT chip is insecure.  If you are using said chips, contact vendor for update (if they even provide one). CVE-2016-0819 We discovered this particular vulnerability, which is described as a logic bug when an object within the kernel is freed. A node is...