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  1. vanarp

    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    While the pages are loading faster than they used to be in recent past, noticing 3-4 min outages from monitoring. That's not much of an issue for my site though.
  2. vanarp

    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    @Francisco Could you please update the original post with ip and speed test files for Luxembourg location?
  3. vanarp

    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    @BuyVM I wish you offer additional IPs for $5/yr (price equal to your least shared plan with dedicated IP) to the Reseller account holders. May be you can apply a cap of 4 or 5 IPs at that price.
  4. vanarp

    We have constructed additional Pylons (BuyVM Upgrades)

    @Ruchirablog Read this..
  5. vanarp

    We have constructed additional Pylons (BuyVM Upgrades)

    Wish you all the best with your upgrades!!!
  6. vanarp

    Basic Linux Help Needed

    I see @jarland provided the solution well before me :) Let me explain why the syntax solves the problem. Double hyphens tell the command that whatever follows them are only positional parameters but not options to the command itself.
  7. vanarp

    Basic Linux Help Needed

    You could try the following command: cp -- '-server.key' /../../
  8. vanarp

    Best EDIS location for privacy laws?

    I agree with @Mun and @buffalooed that there is no way your mails are 100% private. I have a feeling that the more anyone tries to over smart NSA will only attract them better.
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    I am using your earlier version and eagerly looking forward to the newer version with history capability :)
  10. vanarp


    I heard good things about SQLBuddy. How does it work with current MySQL/PHP versions?
  11. vanarp

    [Request] Wordpress from localhost to vps migration.

    While the manual methods given above are the good ways to learn, I personally prefer to use Duplicator plugin for any WP site migration irrespective of server environment. It takes care of lot of that manual stuff. As for file permissions you might want to go through this WP Hardening codex page.
  12. vanarp

    Anyone here using other than Google for search

    I remember reading somewhere that DDG sources its results from Yahoo's Index but uses its own algorithms to re-rank them. DDG is good but is not complete like Google IMO. Google's results not as expected is more to do with their constant updates to ranking algorithms. In their aim to fight spam...
  13. vanarp

    Good resources for learning PHP?

    Code Academy is a good resource I believe.
  14. vanarp

    BuyVM announces free SSD upgrades on all 256MB+ OpenVZ plans!

    How about my earlier suggestion of adding that saved SATA storage to the 128MB's? I am not sure of any technical limitations though.
  15. vanarp

    SecureDragon Changes Up Their Bandwidth Pricing

    @KuJoe Appreciate the transparency.
  16. vanarp

    Ideas and suggestions for vpsBoard

    I know I can do "Mark all Read". But is there a way to mute specific threads so they do not appear when I click "View New Content"? I expect them to appear only when I manually visit the respective forum section.
  17. vanarp

    vpsBoard advertisements and availability

    @MannDude The top banner positioning is looking much awkward on my 1024x600 notebook screen. How about re-positioning it to appear somewhere between thread title and thread content? I am sure it will get better attention in that case. Also, you might want to consider making the 125x125 ads...
  18. vanarp

    Improved vpsBoard search results. Switched to Sphinx.

    Search is doing great now. Thanks MannDude! Is there a way to always select Forums as "Search Section" no matter what page I might be on?
  19. vanarp

    Yet Another SolusVM Alternative: VPSM

    Github Training on YouTube: