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  1. JonathanKW

    Is VPSBoard still alive?

    Requires participation.
  2. JonathanKW

    Do you use Bitcoin?

    I don't see it being sustainable with the way the economy has been drifting. Almost every single crypto company out there has had some major layoffs. It's a sign of things to come, surely.
  3. JonathanKW

    Which server security software you are using?

    Imunify360 is a tried and tested software across the webhosting industry. You can't go wrong using it given the constant updates and new features they're introducing. It's seamless integration with mod_security and configserver security & firewall make it unparalleled IMHO. BitNinja has the...
  4. JonathanKW

    This is vpsBoard

    I'm not quite sure I understand the intent of this post, given that the answer is literally two posts above you.
  5. JonathanKW

    Facebook Ads or Google Ads?

    I think utilizing both has its advantages, though, Facebook ad's don't seem to be as well targeted as what Google does. Though, Google can cost you quite a pretty penny if the the click made doesn't convert like you wanted it too (i.e, frauds out)
  6. JonathanKW

    Providers who own their IP addresses

    We'll just go ahead and close it then to prevent unnecessary bumping of a dead thread.
  7. JonathanKW

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Cheers y'all. Hope everyone's doing well. Happy Friday.
  8. JonathanKW

    SMTP server for WHMCS

    What exactly are you thinking they should try here? Shared Hosting? VPS? Simply sharing a link and stating "try this" doesn't seem to help the OP in any way. OP needs to find a service that provides SMTP and/or purchase a server where they can setup their own SMTP server to create email...
  9. JonathanKW

    Virtualizor vs SolusVM

    Virtualizor has started coming into play as a more dominant panel. Been using it for a few months now and beyond it's few quirks, it's much more responsive then SolusVM IMO. Virtualizor dev team is very receptive and quick to respond to feedback, too.
  10. JonathanKW

    Is VPSBoard still alive?

    Post count of 10 is required before any advertisement posts are allowed. Feel free to post and contribute to the community, once post count of 10 has been reached, you'll be granted permissions to post advertisements as outlined in this forums rules and policies.
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    It's like a participation award, but not better.
  12. JonathanKW

    Post Your Rides!!

    I picked up a 5spd 2002 v6 Mustang here recently for around 2 grand. Only 174k miles on it, relatively good condition beyond some cosmetics. Got some plans for it in the near future, became my daily driver.
  13. JonathanKW

    Hetzner loses 1,500 snapshots of customer data Very unfortunate and I hope that these customers affected knew to maintain their own backups outside of Hetzner's systems. On the other hand, I think if you're providing the ability for...
  14. JonathanKW

    This is vpsBoard

    KnownHost still owns vpsBoard.
  15. JonathanKW

    Open Is advertisements available on vpsBoard?

    Eventually we will have some sort of advertisement system back on vpsBoard. No details at this time, unfortunately.
  16. JonathanKW

    Can't Update anything!

    Hey toshost. I know you haven't been around for awhile, but I'd like to help you correct this issue. Let me know if its still a problem and we'll get you straightened out. The board has been unsupervised for awhile but we've fixed that and are working to regrow and/or bring back some of the...
  17. JonathanKW

    Ive been lost trying to get VPS running

    Hey DJ, completely missed this post. If you have .exe files, you need a Windows server. My recommendation is to see if the game you're trying to run has linux executables so that you can run it in an SSH environment under Linux. What game are you trying to run? It's potentially worth keeping...
  18. JonathanKW

    What Backup Software Do YOU Use?

    +1 for JetBackup and remote storage solutions. JetBackup has become an industry staple across both cPanel and DirectAdmin platforms while providing a non-panel version too. Can't recommend it enough. If you want to diversify your backup process while having more granular control, JetBackup is...
  19. JonathanKW

    Is VPSBoard still alive?

    Yup. Making a conscious effort to breath some life back into VPS Board. :) If you see anything, do let me know.
  20. JonathanKW

    Is VPSBoard still alive?

    What spam are you seeing? I cleaned up over three years of spam and related spam users. Since then I've been enforcing the advertising rules as outlined in the rules section.