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  1. splitice

    X4B | Asian DDoS Protection | $14 for a Limited Time | TKO, SGP, AMS, LON, MIM, ASH, DAL, LAX

    X4B DDoS Protection is proud to announce to launch the first release our Premium Anycast DDoS Protection line focussing on protection in the underserved Asia market. AS136165: The network Current PoPs: Amsterdam, Netherlands London, United Kingdom Los Angeles, CA, USA Dallas, TX, USA...
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    X4B | Anycast DDoS Protection | Beta Testers Required (FREE for 2 months)

    X4B DDoS Protection is proud to announce that we are almost ready to launch our next generation Anycast DDoS Protection product. We are seeking your help and feedback. The terms, how do I enrol? Shoot me a PM or Reply here and I'll add you to the list. Once there is a slot available. I will...
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    [X4B] BGP Launch: 35% Off • From $6.50/month • 6 Locations • Remote DDoS Protection • Up to 1.5Tbps

    X4B is an Australian Registered Company (ABN: 56829648376). Our aim is to provide high quality services with unique features without a high price tag. A 5-day trial is available for many locations (Terms and Conditions do apply). We offer our services in Chicago, New Jersey, Las Vegas...
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    55% off L.A Asia Optimised DDoS Protection

    Hi All! We're pleased to announce a new L.A 100Gbps location at extremely affordable pricing. 100Gbps protection Asia optimised protection from $7! Limited Time only, pick one up before they run out, this discount wont be seen again! You won't regret it! Offer Order Now Notes...
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    Telia Packet Loss

    Heads Up. To anyone noticing issues connecting / PL between US and Europe. We are currently seeing issues with Telia (most notably between London and NY, although some other links look affected too). Its been going on for about a half hour. This looks something like this in a MTR:      ...
  6. splitice

    SNMP MIB Browser

    Does anyone know any neat tools for browsing a SNMP MIB file? Every tool I have downloaded and played with so far that has claimed the capability has instead been a SNMP browser. I only want to explore the MIB (definition) so that I can identify potential information that could be available on...
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    BPF: A Bytecode for Filtering

    What is BPF? BPF is an bytecode language for defining a filter to select interesting (or inversely non-interesting) packets. The language itself is extremely fast, and is usually executed in kernel without the need for superfluous copying or other wastage. What does it look like? What: List...
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    In case anyone missed it Bitpay is now requiring compliance information from those merchants who are using it.
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    Taking Regular & Secure backups on your server

    Should you be taking backups of more things than you currently are? Well now there is no excuse. Just use this 50 odd line script and receive your encrypted backups attached via email. Download: The script is available at Github - Features...
  10. splitice

    Secured Data Storage

    After the GVH "hack" where Gov IDs were leaked I started working on this tutorial. It details a similar system to what we use to store client SSL certificates for the interface and deployment system. The system described is complex to setup, but does not compromise in security. If you store...
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    IPSec, go tech!

    Nothing to see here, just some much needed self-gratification. Geek content ahead. Finally got pure IPSec tunnels working at X4B. Woot Woot! (Ok so probably not all that exciting to many people) For those who arent aware "pure ipsec tunnel" is referring to the tunnel mode of IPSec, as apposed...
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    X4B Announces 100G Anycast based protection

    Hi all, We at X4B.Net are pleased to announce the public availability of Anycast based remote protection services with a 100 Gbps/140 Mpps protection limit. It took us a bit longer than expected, but its finally ready for public consumption :) Available with backend delivery in Chicago, Denver...
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    100Gbps / 140Mpps DDoS protection! Layer 7 and all Attack Types included - X4B.Net

    Its 100G Anycast time! As some people are aware, we at X4B.Net have been testing 100Gbps/140Mpps (Anycast powered!) services for a quite a while now.   To make up for delayed posting and that I didn't get testers from VPSBoard as some people were hinted or promised there's a pretty epic coupon...
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    Hard Drive Failure

    Ok, Guys. You people who deal with VPS & Dedicated server hardware must learn lots about hard drive failures (Spinning Rust Buckets, not speedy silicon). Any tips for recognizing failures before they happen? Just had two drives fail, partially / corrupt / unknown while maintaining a health...
  15. splitice

    OVH VAC Outage

    For the past hour and a half all IPs routed to the OVH VAC are offline (including permanently filtered IPs from professional use). Looking at the weathermap it seems like a Capacity issue. Issue affects RBX, SBG and GRA1 (atleast). -- Stuck on what do do? As posted on LET, here is a script...
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    Cloud Deployment

    I know there is probably software out there for this, but does anyone have any recommendations for software to automate the deployment & destruction of cloud VPS's on demand. Preferably some script I can just call which creates the VPS via the DO api, and stores its details into a database...
  17. splitice

    Pattern Recognition & Clustering langauges

    I've been hunting for a more suitable languages do do pattern mining & clustering work in for a while. Most likely such a language would be declarative and take care of alot of what I currently write myself in procedural land (backtracking etc). Currently using: PHP to interface with an...
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    IPIP Tunnel Support for Windows

    Microsoft Windows does not natively support IPIP (or GRE) Tunnels. This makes Windows Servers more difficult to DDoS protect as Reverse Proxy / Transparent Proxy becomes the only method easily available.  We at X4B are pleased to announce that this is no longer a limitation. A IPIP (IP-in-IP)...
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    SSD Server

    Looking for a Dedicated Server or Decent KVM with SSD storage (not cached). Requirements: Atleast RAID-1 Atleast 4GB ram, 8GB preferred. 4 Cores @ 2.0Ghz+ 120GB - 240GB SSD storage Preferably in NL, Elsewhere EU is acceptable, NY is possibly acceptable. Budget: $40-90
  20. splitice

    Thoughts on Provider -> Customer notification

    I have been thinking about this for a few days and would like to get the enlightened members of VPSB on this. Sometimes users create services and struggle to find the resources necessary to set them up, or have trouble doing so. Support can always help but not everyone asks for it. Its rare but...