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    QuickPacket hiring data center techs (Charlotte, NC area)

    QuickPacket is seeking qualified candidates for a data center technician position in Charlotte, NC. The primary focus of the position will be data center tasks (building and provisioning servers, rack and stack, cabling, OS installs - Linux and Windows, configuring of routers/switches, other...
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    QuickPacket - Los Angeles or Atlanta - Dual Xeon L5520 - 24GB RAM - $40 per month!

    QuickPacket™ is pleased to offer premium dedicated servers with high-quality, major brand hardware backed by a 100% uptime guarantee. Why Choose QuickPacket™? - Founded in 2003; registered NC Limited Liability Company. - We are not resellers - we own all of our server hardware. - We...
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    Some free WHMCS Hooks you might find useful.

    Yes, these are the same proxy check credits I've been using all along.  They only recently started throwing this error.
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    Some free WHMCS Hooks you might find useful.

    It says "city not found" when I click through to review the query.  I'm not sure if that what is causing the issue or not.
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    Some free WHMCS Hooks you might find useful.

    We've been using this for a while and it has been working great, but I think recently MaxMind may have changed the way that they process queries, because now I am seeing a score of 0.00 being returned with an error, which gives an error in the script and prevents users from ordering.  Anyone...
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    Seagate faces class-action lawsuit over 3TB hard drive failure rates

    Non-standard mounting screw holes would make that drive difficult to use in many applications.
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    Harddrive Buyers - BackBlaze's Latest Drive Fail Rates

    Something to keep in mind also is that 5400/5900 RPM drives are generally more reliable than 7200 RPM drives, and most of their newer Seagate purchases are 5400/5900 RPM.  So, even though Seagate seems to have improved, it is at least partly because they are using drives that are less prone to...
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    Merchant Account

    We've been using CDGCommerce since 2004 and they have been solid.  They can do or you can use Quantum Gateway which is their in-house gateway that is very similar to  The nice thing about Quantum Gateway is that it doesn't add any additional transaction fees, where...
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    Seagate faces class-action lawsuit over 3TB hard drive failure rates

    Anyone remember the ST3500320AS and other related drives?  It was another epic fail from Seagate.  We had to spend some significant $$$$ on data recovery on one of those drives.  I think they also had another bad model in the generation of drives between these two. Their enterprise drives are...
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    Dacentec - Unreliable Network Ran by Amateurs - Recommendations

    Charlotte now has POPs for many of the major transit providers, so it is definitely possible to avoid backhauling traffic to Atlanta or Washington DC now.  There just aren't that many data centers in Charlotte yet.  Many of the data center developments have occurred outside of Charlotte, and as...
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    Request for Quote: Half Cab Colocation in California

    HE was running a special for their space in the Bay Area - not sure if it is still going on or not.  Might be worth looking into.
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    Recommendations: Cord Cutter TV Data Powered

    $20 per month would be ok if it included more channels.  Sling is only one stream at a time, so can't have more than one TV going at a time.  Until they fix that, it's not that attractive. Additionally right now, canceling my cable subscription will jack up my broadband price by at least that...
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    For Sale: Verizon 48 Data Centers $2.5 Billion

    Verizon borrowed a ton of cash to buy out the half of Verizon Wireless they didn't own from Vodafone.  I think they're trying to dig themselves out from their mountain of debt, and owning data centers isn't really central to their wireless business strategy...
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    LowEndTalk/LowEndBox Gets a New Manager

    Jarland just re-opened the two drama threads that had been locked "by popular request"...
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    research: San Francisco colo

    You might be able to get close if you are willing to go outside of San Francisco, but I doubt you'll find it at this price in San Francisco.  
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    Beware of IP justification and your personal data being abused

    The statement in the privacy policy has nothing to do with what you quoted from the Terms of Service.  The language in the Terms of Serivce says the data stored on or transmitted through your services with us might not be confidential.  It is your responsibility to configure and secure your...
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    Beware of IP justification and your personal data being abused

    I can only speak from our experience as primarily a dedicated server provider.  If it is being reassigned to a customer, yes, /29 or smaller does not require justification from ARIN; /28 and bigger requires a completed justification form.
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    Beware of IP justification and your personal data being abused

    ARIN will not allow you to use "Private Customer" for anyone other than a residential ISP customer (dial up, cable, DSL, FTTH, etc).  The "Private Customer" policy does not apply to a dedicated server, which ARIN considers a business product and must list the name of the person or company that...
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    Quadranet Needs to BAN SMTP. Spammer UTOPIA.

    @DomainBop The CleanTalk percentages are not accurate.  Quadranet has 341,504 IP addresses announced (per, but CleanTalk says they only have 4095 (for AS8100), with 3000 with problems. 3000/4095 compared to 3000/341000 is a big difference.
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    What happens when there are no more ipv4 addresses left?

    It's also more than just the manufacturing equipment.  Every computer, printer/scanner/copier, phone, server, firewall, router, etc. has at least one of these addresses. Unless there is a significant financial incentive for them to renumber, they aren't going to do it.  And even if there is a...