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    BuyVM.NET / BuyShared.NET - Shared - $5/year | Resellers - $2.00/month! Dedicated IPv4! SSD RAID!

    I'm loving my reseller plan. I upgraded from the smallest to the largest one last week. Every ticket I've opened so far have been answered within the hour. I think I might be developing a **cough** crush **cough** on **cough** Aldryic. Only Cpanel randomly stops responding sometimes..still...
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    Home Network Setup

    Comcast (30mbps down / 10mbps up on a good day) | TC8305C DOCSIS 3.0 IPv6 Modem | TL-WR841N |__ 7 Laptops 2 PCs, 3 tablets, 3 mobile phones, PS3, and printer. Still waiting for IPv6 to be rolled out in my area though.. got the hardware just need the cable company to push it out. 
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    Capisso VMPanel

    Maybe add a licence checker? like whmcs? discredits the host instantly really..
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    Where are you from?

    **unce unce unce**  I thought the insects weren't that bad? Anti-venom readily available? 
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    How do you install IP6Tables?

    Thanks haha, I feel stupid now.
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    How do you install IP6Tables?

    ..I keep getting package not found & can't find any info on this damn thing .. haha 'Buntu 12.04
  7. D Large VPN Review

    I got their 0.50 deal a bit ago & definitely agree with everything you said! is amazing. Their UK location is pretty darn fast too, faster than my VPS's network over there.
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    Free Self-hosted Project Management Software?

    Sshh no one reads the tags!  ;) Thanks Guys. Will be trying out FengOffice.
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    Free Self-hosted Project Management Software?

    I'm not sure as of style. I'm more of a freelancer & work on a crap ton of random projects randomly throughout the day. From web development, to game development. Id just like a place to organize them all with tasks & all that jazz.. I currently have one project on's nice. but would...
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    Free Self-hosted Project Management Software?

    I have no clue if this is the proper place to post this, but I shall try! I'm looking for the best self-hosted project management system. (web based) Any experiences so I don't have to go through the trial and error stage? XD
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    LowEndTalkin' - LET is back - sort off - check it out!

     Your name reminds me of this song;
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    The cesspit / chat thread.

    I don't think we need a Cest Pit? /
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    Introduction thread

    How is it down there? Thinking about moving to another country. anyways.. My name is David. I'mmmm nothing. I just have a crap load of hobbies. I live off waffles, hot-pockets, & chips. & ofc occasionally water.. I've always had a heart for web development.. found LET a bit ago & got into...
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    Colocrossing / ChicagoVPS / Lowendtalk / Lowendbox the dump

    Haha quick to get the heat off your back..
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    What happens to the offers? The cheap boxes?

    With LEB's change of ownership..what happens to the offers? There isn't a $7 cap here correct?..
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    Colocrossing / ChicagoVPS / Lowendtalk / Lowendbox the dump

    Reputation button is sorta close.. "reputation". blah @_@
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    Colocrossing / ChicagoVPS / Lowendtalk / Lowendbox the dump

    I agree :( it's not the same.. the old LET will never be replaced.. this was just another freaking board in my mind. LET was different.
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    Low resource blogging platform Has been working amazingly for me lately.