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    Quadranet’s FRAUDULENT use of personal SIN with Crissic Purchase

    In August of 2015, I sold Crissic Solutions to QuadraNet. QuadraNet agreed to keep the company online and provide services to the customers for approximately 1 year post-purchase to facilitate a smooth transition and shutdown of the company. As part of the agreement, the PayPal account was to be...
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    3 Penton Properties, Including WHT, Reportedly Breached, Data of 1.7 Million Users For Sale

    First thing I did was check what password I used there. Bunch of apple users compromised potentially related to this.
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    It's impressive how bad Crissic got when Quadranet took over

    Hey there! Please note that while I do work for QuadraNet, I do NOT have any involvement in the Crissic brand, support or otherwise, at this time. Dustin and Adam would be the best contacts in situations such as this.
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    Crissic has been acquired by Quadranet

    Crissic had swapped a lot of the nodes to suspension only back when we did manual updates to the vzkernel (prior to adding kernel care) -- makes things easier on the customers and on us to put a container into suspend state rather than a full power down.
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    Crissic Migrating Jacksonvile - Much Downtime Planned

    Crissic never used GoRack for bandwidth, we went with NodesDirect directly. A lot of our traffic runs through Atrato though. Also keep in mind that GoRack is backhauled to Atlanta, and the only "on site" Bandwidth is Atrato, which still does wonky routing anyways.  We always had a weird network...
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    Who was your first VPS provider?

    I want to say the first VPS I bought was with SolarVPS way back when.
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    IP Systems Ltd AS62741 Acquires A Lot Of IPs...

    Yeah they totally just didn't like ColoCrossing and put IP ranges on their blocklist.
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    BoltVM Gives Customers 30 Minutes Notice Of IP Address Changes

    He alluded to it, I cannot confirm the personal issues, but non payment and reminders sent for other payments in the past has caused us to cease business with Steven. I hate to throw his customers into the middle of this, but being 1+ month late is well pushing my generosity.  We put in a...
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    BoltVM Gives Customers 30 Minutes Notice Of IP Address Changes

    I will confirm this part, yes it was our IP space. At this point only reason his client's are still online with the IPs is because ColoCrossing is useless and has basically refused to do the revocation for me.
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    Jonny Nguyen - GreenValueHost - Raided by Police.

    When he was renting IP space from Crissic, he was on average 15 days overdue, with multiple reminders from me personally to get payments. A big reason why we stopped selling him stuff (amongst all of the other crap)
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    BuyVM launches new website!

    It's confusing and I hate it because it's new!
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    Regarding new offers and post counts.

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    Regarding new offers and post counts.

    Good. I'm going to pretend this would count if the 5 post rule was required.
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    SolusVM cancelled services bug

    Solus has tons of issues, phantom containers, extra creations, not terminating properly, removing from Solus but the container still remains on the node, etc. Nothing new really.
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    PayPal Micro Transactions

    Surprisingly annoying how big of a difference the price really is, even at the 2.2% + $0.30 rate. Blah
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    SolusVM 2

    Nope, never happened.
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    SolusVM 2

    Nice to see this happening, they are just going way too slow about it.
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    Stablebox Announces Acceptance of Bitcoin

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    Cheap Colocation in Los Angeles, California 1U-4U

    No sir. We will be adding additional carriers to the standard dc blend similar to Jacksonville in the future but as of the moment it is the same network and facilities as going direct.
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    BuyVM upgrades DDOS protection to over 100gbit+ with Voxility for free!

    As always, doin the good stuffs. Looking forward to the additional protection and the http/layer7 protections!