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  1. vld

    Which is your favorite vacation place ?

    Seychelles is beautiful. So is Tenerife.
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    How To Force SSL Always Using HTACCESS

    What is the point of the $HTTP["host"] =~ ".*" statement?
  3. vld

    Mr. Robot - New TV Show from the TV Channel USA

    The new episode was great! Somewhat spoiler:
  4. vld

    LAN based VOIP solution OPEN SOURCE Linux

    Why not code over a weekend a simple HTML/JS + WebRTC client? Bunch of code examples on the web.
  5. vld

    Best coding language to know in 2015?

    Go, and soon, Rust.
  6. vld

    Centarra Migrates Data Centers Some Customers Not Notified

    Uhm, this migration somehow screwed my container's image, and now it won't even boot. Their console isn't working. No response to ticket for almost 2 days. Time to move my stuff, I guess.
  7. vld

    PortCTL Systems | Billing Software

    That's a way to trick security scanners, which usually try to interpret SQL errors to their advantage. It's there for laughs, not very professional tho :p
  8. vld

    vpsBoard Top Providers of 2014 voting.

    RamNode - 5 Honorable Mentions: BuyVM, KnightSwarm, Hostigation, newHOST
  9. vld

    More awful WHMCS coding

    What's the point? This is clearly by design.
  10. vld

    VM Template List - Direct Download Links |

    It's not vulnerable to LFI, but it is remotely fetching the files every time. Also, it's vulnerable to XSS.
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    New WHMCS Exploit

    Incremental patch:
  12. vld

    I am MannDude. Ask me stuff.

    How old are you? What do you do for a living, do you have a day job?
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    WHMCS Security Patch

    A new WHMCS security patch has been released today (v5.26, v5.1.8, v5.0.7 and v4.5.6) Get it at: More info:
  14. vld

    Security incident at OVH

  15. vld

    Joepie91 got a FBI/HTCU raid...

    joepie91 asked me to post this:
  16. vld

    WHMCS Vuln again?

    Please, elaborate. Anyway, I said this on LET: So curtisg decided to run a PHP Analyzer ( on decoded WHMCS code, and he's posting all the false positives, including "exploits" generated by the analyzer that don't actually do anything. Can he be...
  17. vld

    How do you take your coffee?

    Very strong, no sugar, no milk, no nothing. I don't understand how people can add stuff to coffee, it just ruins it.