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    2GBVPS.COM 2nd anniversary special $8.40/mo yearly 4GB OpenVZ VPS in UK/FR/DE/CH & US is proud to announce our 2nd anniversary! Started in late 2012 we sold our first VPS in January 2013, and actually still have that customer! We started on the back of the trend providing low cost 2GB virtual machines, but instead of crowding users onto the nodes like the big boys...
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    Anyone hiring L1 support staff?

    Still interested? This job would be for about 10hrs per month.
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    What tools are available to monitor for abuse?

    Does that work for spam? Currently need a solution, narrowly avoided fines.
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    Each RIR receives additional IPv4 allocation from IANA

    They should also re-take IPs from providers who take the opportunity to flood IPs at stupid prices, eg...
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    Higher %wa value on OpenVZ server

    13% isn't that bad. It doesn't mean the disks are at capacity necessarily, just means the io flushes are having to wait a few seeks (50-100ms).
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    Automatically Install ownCloud on Debian 7

    Yea I could probably figure it out, just the one saved in my notes file doesn't work but I made it years ago.
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    Dedicated Server in the USA (West coast preferred, but not required)

    What DC/location is that dedi in? OP and concerto?
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    NodeServ, LLC - 2 GB for $4.50/month

    Ah right, so not a coincidence, but not entirely a completely different company either.
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    ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    Oh right, yea, thought you meant entirely. But I suppose from this perspective 1k IPs isn't worth talking about.
  10. T Large VPN Review

    Nice review, but why do you need L2TP?
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    BlueVM KVM 512 MB (CH)

    Privatelayer is a decent provider, not sure about the loss though, I've never seen that?
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    DD Script

    +1 there, as a provider 99% of disk IO complaints are FROM dd tests lol.
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    WHT Gold? OMG...

    Indeed :D
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    ARIN Stock Changes Feb 2014 - Down to 1.38

    APNIC is still handing out IPs FYI, but yea, the last /8 crunch will likely be a lot worse in US than Asia.
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    Small linux distrubitions

    DSL and puppy are my 2 favs, or slightly more usage is ubuntu fluxbox.
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    Using the terminal to get system statistics

    Good all in one tool, vs iftop etc.
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    Captcha for your ssh login

    Thats cool, wouldn't use it probably but that is cool!
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    Automatically Install ownCloud on Debian 7

    Thanks, I was looking for ownCloud install guides for Deb7, the ones i have for deb 6 break :/