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    cpanel license

    Well, then, disregard since BuyCPanel-Kevin's offer is $0.95/mo cheaper. Nick
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    Best disk storage/raid server setup for VPS host server?

    Care to elaborate why RAID 5 will be nothing but trouble? Indeed, SSDs should have no trouble at all with a consistent 5MB/s of data to write, since many can write a hundred times faster than that. Nick
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    Best disk storage/raid server setup for VPS host server?

    RAID 5 is popular because of its low cost combined with enhanced performance.  You need three drives to make RAID 5 work, and it tolerates one drive failure. (Comparison of RAID levels) I still think that the panic over the flash writing limit on SSDs is unduly alarmist.  If you need more I/O...
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    cpanel license

    Regarding, there's this: Nick
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    Free Self-hosted Project Management Software?

    Oh, no, not you,, I meant @s.majdak. Anyway, @clarity, I'm glad I'm not the only one who prefers Redmine. =] Nick
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    Free Self-hosted Project Management Software?

    Whoa, why are we bringing back a topic from July 2013?  To increase post count? Anyway, now that we're talking about free self-hosted project management software, can I ask y'all what you think of Redmine?  I still use Redmine for project management.  Maybe I'm backwards and stuck in 2009, but...
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    Want to buy vps

    Not to mention the bandwidth-hogging nature of torrents due to the lots of connections they make. Nick
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    Run Linux Commands from Web Browser

    **sighs** … another compromised website. Customer, why don't you update from WordPress 2.8 already?! This happens more often than you'd think. -_- I've even had some customers try to upgrade from Joomla! 1.0 to Joomla! 1.5… geez. Nick
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    How did you come up with your company name?

    We started doing business in the web hosting industry to bring innovative new features to VPS hosting. Lots of Virtuozzo/OpenVZ hosts out there, probably because it's very cheap to maintain. After working with Virtuozzo, KVM, Hyper-V, and Xen, I found that I really liked Xen for how...
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    Benefits and downfalls of running Nginx and Apache side-by-side?

    () This website keeps returning HTTP 504 errors on occasion. @MannDude, are you sure the CPU is the bottleneck when your site spawns PHP processes that your production VM cannot handle?  If it's a virtual machine, you could add more CPU power to it to keep the site alive, couldn't you? I'd...
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    504 Issues Here

    There were more HTTP 504 errors earlier. For those who don't know about the other topic that @MannDude is talking about, it's  We should continue our discussion in that more descriptive thread. Nick
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    cPanel certification?

    Well, it only took half an hour of my time during paid training... Nick
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    JVKZ.COM | Core i3 | 4GB DDR3 Ram | 2x 1TB HW RAID 1 | GB Port | DDoS Protection | $30

    It's a perfect match to what's described here except for the price, so it could be that @jvkz got the hardware moved to a Dedirack XL or made some custom deal to be able to offer such a low price. For those ordering, I'd be wary of how much bandwidth is guaranteed, since that 1Gbps might be...
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    Higher %wa value on OpenVZ server

    Hmm, I'd consider that almost concerning.  I would suggest not adding any more VPS containers to that host node or I/O would become uncomfortably slow. What's the disk hardware like?  Model?  Size?  RAID?  Perhaps the community here can help you identify a new hardware rearrangement to help...
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    Unrestricted cPanel Hosting by Xenfinity : $3/mo with Promo Code

    The datacenter is called "Iliad", but they're owned by... Yep. Nick
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    Unrestricted cPanel Hosting by Xenfinity : $3/mo with Promo Code

      Xenfinity, LLC is a new company with the goal of doing web hosting right!  We're introducing cPanel shared hosting with a unique abuse model to accommodate everyone fit for a shared hosting environment in one unbeatable plan.   Francium   Hardware Details Intel® Xeon® E3-1240 v3 (PassMark)...
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    What skills do you look for in your employees?

    I'm a cPanel certified technician, but that came after I got hired at a web host.  There's more information in for you to peruse. Nick
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    cPanel certification?

    I've got my "L1: cPanel Base Certification: Technical" certification, and it really doesn't mean anything.  I got a web hosting job in 2013 probably because I wrote in my application that I had 5 years of prior cPanel experience and 6 years of Linux experience.  It was after I got hired that the...
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    Problems with WiFi

    Thanks for the input, everyone! I actually switched ISPs at home from Time Warner Cable to AT&T U-verse. The Arris cable modem/router seemed to be the culprit, since everything started working since the new ISP put in its own modem/router. Ping has consistently increased by about 28ms to and...
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    Higher %wa value on OpenVZ server

    That seems quite healthy to me. Does this happen to all VPS containers and/or the host node? If writing commands itself is slow (like a significant lag between keystrokes), there could be packet loss or high ping.  Unless you're talking about tab completion for a directory listing, which would...