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    WHT Gold? OMG...

    I couldn't agree more with this statement.  Half the things you read are either so obvious it's April Fool's or just so stupid you could careless. 
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    Big Brain Global - 3 Months Free - onApp Powered CLOUD! Start as low as $6.00/mo!

    Welcome to Big Brain Global Networks Shared Hosting | Reseller Hosting | Dedicated Servers | Cloud Servers | Colocation   See all of our Cloud resource pools here   Start 2014 off right with our new & improved prices! :agree:   A resource pool is a group of dedicated resources that allow...
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    What skills do you look for in your employees?

    I don't get involved as heavily in the hiring of our support staff, but in general for sales & finance hires I look for passion.  Someone who isn't going to be bored coming to work everyday.  I also look for someone who wants to progress their career which tends to mean they go above & beyond.  ...
  4. B Ceases Operations for unforeseen reasons :)

    Legal reasons could be he found another job and they made him sign a non-compete.  So technically it could be "legal" reasons, although I agree that's a stretch for why you're shutting down. 
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    Poor experience with ServerHub

    That's unfortunate.  You have to do what you have to do sometimes.  At the end of the day you're paying for something that you're not receiving.   I think people generally look and read the reviews, but at the end of the day, WHT shoppers are generally after the most attractive offer.  They...
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    Google buys Nest

    I've had my first Nest for over 2 years and installed the second in my house a year ago, what types of questions do you have? Remember the Nest is only a Thermostat at the end of the day, it could have been issues with the furnace or other systems within the house.  However, I can attest to the...
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    Poor experience with ServerHub

    No phone number to call? 
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    Google Nexus 5

    Haha - why weren't you allowed to open it?
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    Google buys Nest

    We don't have to buy & use their products.  By continuing to purchase from them they think what they're doing is beneficial. 
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    What Phone Apps do you have or use?

    I much prefer using my tablet (Galaxy Note 10.1) or laptop to do actual work and view documents.  I'd say I use my phone 60% emails, 20% texting, and 20% calls. 
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    Google Nexus 5

    That's why I'm hesitant with getting the Moto X, because previous Motorola's were only fair.  
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    Google buys Nest

    I have two Nest thermostats (two houses where one is basically a summer vacation house only) & the new Nest carbon monoxide detector and they're great. I'm curious as to why Google is reaching further into Homes with their acquisition of Nest, however, I hope they don't start sending the data...
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    Introduction thread

    Hi Chris! 
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    New signature guidelines.

    Haha this is a great rule, but who is to say whether it "hurts the eyes"?  :P
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    Another movie shooting

    It's sad that we're going to be living in a world where this is a legitimate concern.  Seems like we're moving  backwards not forwards in society. 
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    What Phone Apps do you have or use?

    Interesting, I've never even considered using Firefox for my Android.  I've been using Chrome.
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    Poor experience with ServerHub

    I'm just surprised by the lack of communication.  Even if they were out of stock they should have been honest so if the client needed to move on they could have or at least planned accordingly.