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    Shardhost Info - Urgent Client Action

    Due to recent unexpected trading circumstances Shard Hosting Solutions LTD has ceased trading with immediate effect.  We urge all clients to take a backup of their data immediately as we cannot guarantee how long services will operate for before being disconnected by our upstream suppliers. If...
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    KVM servers from < $10/year (AnnualKVM from Shardhost)

    We'd love to.  We've always wanted to offer VPS on our home turf; however costs are much different.  Sorry!
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    WHMCS - finally a positive move

    Thanks for the info.  We'll be planning a Blesta test run migration shortly. 
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    WHMCS - finally a positive move

    How long did your Blesta import take?
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    Who uses Stripe for payments? Beware, they seem to not validate cards.

    We've had a massive jump in CC chargebacks from addresses in Cali. The services purchased were used for carding related activities.  We managed to refund most of the charges before the disputes started to roll in.
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    KVM servers from < $10/year (AnnualKVM from Shardhost)

    We got a lot of interest the last time we made this available at this pricing.  So much so we've created a separate website to promote these services and give more info: (Simple with a nod to prgmr and tinykvm)   Shardhost is a UK LTD company (reg 07679837) that...
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    New WHMCS Exploit

    WHMCS really need to get their act together.  They seem to learn nothing from each exploit.
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    [For Hire] Billing / Sales / L1-L2 Support - VPS, Shared, Minecraft, & Dedicated

    Please send details of industry experience to: [email protected] along with salary expectations
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    Online Code Editor

    I've been having a great deal of fun with Icecoder lately.   They have a demo which should give you a good idea of what it's capable of:
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    Buying HDD's in USA? Recommendations needed

    You may find ordering from the UK for US delivery to be troublesome. 
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    Need SSD Dedi

    I've not been following his likes/dislikes of DCs.  Trying to offer him something to meet his expectation where others said it was not possible!
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    Need SSD Dedi

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    Need SSD Dedi

    We can do the following at $50/mo Intel i3-2120 (3.3Ghz) 2 x 4GB DDR3 1600MHz ECC 40GB Intel SSD 320 Series Dallas or Buffalo 
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    Looking for 256MB VPS

    Know you were looking for monthly; however at the price below, monthly would just be the Paypal fees 256mb KVM (Dallas) E3-1240 nodes - $10/year (Price correct today) RAM:256MB Swap:256MB vCPU:1 Disk Space:5GB Transfer:256GB   DIRECT...
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    1.5 GB VPS with cPanel

    Hi there, We've happy to offer the plan below.  If you need the extra memory we can double the specs for double the price and include 3 IPs.  Bringing the total to $10.  It would be bring your own cpanel licence though 1024mb KVM - $5/mo(Price correct today) RAM:1024MB Swap:1024MB...
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    KVM VM

    We've dropped the price on that yearly to $35 and we also have the below monthly plan: 1024mb KVM - $5/mo(Price correct today) RAM:1024MB Swap:1024MB vCPU:3 Disk Space:100GB Transfer:1024GB Port: 1Gbps   DIRECT LINK:
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    Reserving Disk Space you Purchased from the Oversold VPS providers

    Nps, It's an easy mistake.  We're waiting for the day that google starts giving people: Showing results for Shared Host Search instead for Shardhost
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    Stallion 2 - pictures and daily updates :)

    Now you've put me in the same position I was before!  Maybe I should buy one now and another if you run a promo. :)
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    Reserving Disk Space you Purchased from the Oversold VPS providers

    I've followed the thread from the start.  Your opening post directly refers to CVPS and seems like an attempt to punish their business over their business practices.  A lot of your other posts are directed at ChicagoVPS and having seen the database dump I would say you have some legitimate...