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    Order a Comodo SSL today for 30% off our already low prices using the code 'evolve30' (without the quotes) during checkout. and we are based in Colorado and have been in business for 10 years. We look forward to working with you!
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    Register any available domain name for 30% off using the code 'evolve30' (without the quotes) and register for 1 - 10 years. We are based in Colorado and have been in business for 10 years. Checkout our website at and get in touch! We look forward to working with you!
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    billing portals

    I will say that it's a different learning curve and it took me awhile to get everything setup the way I wanted it but I haven't looked back and said 'I wish I was still using WHMCS'. It can be a lot of work to get setup but once you're done with that, I think you'll be really happy. If you're...
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    Arvixe IMPLOSION - Hacked, Customer Database Overwritten, Workers Fired, etc.

    This is sad for all of their clients to have to deal with and it seems like they aren't doing a lot to keep clients updated (on Facebook atleast). I hope my observation is wrong but it appears this way.
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    Getting new clients ~ How did you do it?

    I would agree that word of mouth (referrals) is the best way and doing anything you can to increase organic traffic. We get a lot of clients through the development work we do. They seem to like an 'all in one solution' which is great for us too.
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    Domain Reseller accounts offers some of the best pricing I've seen. Support tickets are a little bit slow if you have a pressing issue. OpenSRS is too expensive if you ask me and I've never really used Enom so I can't speak to that solution.
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    Is Hostbill worth the $$$?

    I personally wouldn't suggest them either. Along with Chris (and LicenseCart), I'd suggest checking out Blesta.  At the end of the day, it will come down to figuring out what meets your specific needs though.