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  1. bigcat

    [Dedi or VPS] 500GB Storage & 8TB Bandwidth (US)

    I'm currently paying Softlayer for 1 server in San Jose and another 1 in Singapore with below specs. I was hoping to at least be able to find better priced alternative in US. Usage: Legit software distribution and downloadable content Softlayer (current) HDD: 500GB Bandwidth: 20TB CPU...
  2. bigcat

    What are some uncommon and unique web-servers such as Cherokee and Hiawatha?

    Try 9/10 you wouldn't be disappointed
  3. bigcat

    Billing and ticket panel options? WHMCS, HostBill, Blesta and ClientExec... what else?

    I've tried HostBill, WHMCS, ClientExec & Blesta but not with SolusVM though, only cPanel integration. All work as advertised. Also, I came across WHSuite somewhere and the beta look decent. Worth a bookmark I think.
  4. bigcat

    Secured Data Storage

    Seems fairly complex for an objective that can be achieved cheaper, using disk encryption and security policy? (though I admit I'm fairly dumb on network security) Eg: Implement EncFS(audit report), limit access using AppArmor/SELinux and now you're PCI/DSS & HIPA/HITECH compliance. Add...
  5. bigcat

    cloudflare free vs pro

    My site barely changed and I have 50k crawler/bot last month. So I think your figure wasn't that surprising for actively modified site. I use free plan.
  6. bigcat

    cloudflare free vs pro

    In my case I'm able to pinpoint the problem to Rogers in Canada. They somehow don't play well with CloudFlare optimization. Though I don't know the detail.
  7. bigcat

    How do you manage your clients VPS? (Managed Providers)

    I'm sysadmin. So I would like to think my company as my client.  Internet <--> Bastion Host <--> Webserver Simplest security implementation would be to create intermediary server(bastion host) between public internet and server that store the only access path to server. I turn on the bastion...
  8. bigcat

    cloudflare free vs pro

    Make sure you try free version first. Test all option namely CDN only, CDN + basic optimization, CDN + full optimization. For a reason unknown to me, CloudFlare optimization tend to break certain random component on my websites. Mostly blank white pages problem. I didn't have the time to...
  9. bigcat

    What's the going rate to store 1T of adult content?

    I volunteer for humanity sake!
  10. bigcat

    What do you use for your business phone system?

    Local or remote server? Man, I'm having a hard time supporting 3CX. Too many problem especially with SBC.
  11. bigcat

    Windows server Datacenter question

    Starting Win Server 2012, MS sell Client Access License(CAL) separately. I actually just knew this fairly recently. Where I'm coming from, MS sell CAL only in pack of 5(minimum).
  12. bigcat

    Trend Projection

    Year of Linux desktop?  :rolleyes: lol 1) more serious provider will come up with floating IP & detachable storage. 2) In general service market, storage will become more dispensable with S3/Ceph/Swift. I'm talking about hosting-service-in-disguise such as Dropbox, Flickr etc At certain point...
  13. bigcat

    Post your home network.

    Those 3 just for messing around. At work, we really utilize it. We have 17 RasPi running.   8 x for VoIP gateway (multiple offices worldwide) 8 x for manufacturing line stage update station using barcode scanner 1 x for proxy/VPN
  14. bigcat

    Post your home network.

    D-Link switch is at the bottom. My modem is inside outdoor cable box with clusterfuck of cables and spider web. Last I check, there huge wasp nest too  :lol: Casing comes with heatsink and fan. Its the cheapest casing on DealExtreme back then, so I just get those  ^_^
  15. bigcat

    Post your home network.

    - Standard Huawei fibre modem/router from ISP - D-Link gigabit switch - Raspi's for fun!
  16. bigcat

    [For Hire] Asia L3 Server Admin & Technical Support

    Sorry didn't notice your post earlier. I'll email all details in the next few hour.
  17. bigcat

    SSH Chat

    I saw people getting banned and rate-limited on the test chatroom. Maybe author have made some improvement which will soon go to GitHub.
  18. bigcat

    SSH Chat

    I stumbled upon this on Hacker News. Just sharing it here cause its interesting What is ssh-chat? Custom SSH server written in Go. Instead of a shell, you get a chat prompt. Simplest chat platform I've used so far. Try To connect, ssh <username> Source on GitHub. Docker...