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    10% Lifetime Discount on Indian Services - HostPappy

    HostPappy Shared Hosting - Exciting Offers on India location HostPappy provides Shared Hosting Services in India Location with port Speeds of 1Gbps. Hostpappy's Shared Linux Hosting service is the speedy method to get your website the Digital Presence. 1Gbps Web hosting plans are ideal for...
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    Which WordPress hosting is best for my WordPress blog ?

    You can check out hosting offers section of the forum to know best web hosts providing wordpress hosting service to host wordpress blog.
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    Raspberry Pi alternatives? What do you guys think?

    You can try out Asus tinker board, Banana Pi M64, BeagleBoard X15, OrangePi Plus 2 nd more.
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    What is required to send and receive email from VPS

    As rdns is the part of mail server setup, apart from rdns even need to set up for some text records too.
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    Anyone heard of Webiron?

    Why don't you check out their main website and contact their support team to get your issue resolved.