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  1. Jack

    How to find the site that crashes the server?

    Is it a cPanel box?
  2. Jack

    Quarter Rack colo in the UK

    Still both pretty expensive locations... I'd use Nottingham or further down towards Fareham/Gosport for your budget.
  3. Jack

    Quarter Rack colo in the UK

    You won't be getting within the M25 & 5A for £150/mo. Quarter racks usually start around £250/mo with 1A/2A and then standard pricing for amperage is about £40-£70/A depending on the DC. So you'd be looking at about £400 at least. Gbit port is pretty standard for rack space these days, it'll...
  4. Jack

    The new 'Macbook'

    Yeah, I noticed this article looks interesting.
  5. Jack

    The new 'Macbook'

    Well Hello,   It appears that Apple are stopping the pro/air and make a single 'macbook'               In my eyes I think they've taken the wrong direction with this and it's looking like a cheap Acer chromebook also they've changed the bloody...
  6. Jack

    The cesspit / chat thread.

    Seems like a fair video.
  7. Jack

    Hardware for Sale

    Do you have any of the E Series Supermicros left?
  8. Jack

    Colocrossing Buffalo now offering 100Gbps DDoS Protection

    Lovely back haul to LA if that's it, Lolz
  9. Jack

    Low performance dedi for backup, preferably outside US

    Good point, I only saw the need for backups and then he mentioned dedi and $75 I thought he meant per month so that's why I said Backupsy would work out better.
  10. Jack

    Low performance dedi for backup, preferably outside US

    You seem mad since this comment: Don't be sad Mun.
  11. Jack

    Low performance dedi for backup, preferably outside US

    Why do you need a dedi? A Backupsy would do... 
  12. Jack

    Looking for a dedicated server with SSD

    Contact QPS.
  13. Jack

    Why I do not like ReliableSite.Net

    1. What are you classing as consumer grade HDD's? 2. Proof? 3. Proof of consumer grade HDD's dying? 4. What issues did you have with them?
  14. Jack

    Adding IPv6 to VPSes

    Hi There! You see this URL: It's very helpful.
  15. Jack

    Things that happen or annoy you in this industry...

    Bit of a vague statement? Care to explain?
  16. Jack

    auth_param: command not found
  17. Jack

    Advice for a new host...

    I wouldn't even say you need a dedi, an old PC at home and slap CentOS on it would do the trick rather than actual outlaying unnecessary cost.
  18. Jack

    Chromebook, yes or no?

    The Samsung and HP ones are better than the Acer, don't get the Acer.
  19. Jack

    Chromebook, yes or no?

    A Chromebook is just a netbook with Chrome OS.